Press Sec. Continues to Lie About Voter ID Laws, Blames Jan 6 | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

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Published on 23 Jun 2021, 18:36
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki’s comments distorting voter id laws that have been passed in red states, the Emmy Awards announcement concerning nonbinary award winners, and Coca-Cola’s diversity policy that just might be illegal. First, Dave discusses the Jen Psaki press conference where she used the January 6th Capitol Riot as a justification for why the federal government needs to pass the For the People Act. She continues to misrepresent Republican backed laws that require a voter id as an attack on voter rights and a way to increase voter suppression of the black vote. The Emmy Awards seem to be hell bent on hurting their ratings even more. In another attempt to appease woke Hollywood culture the Emmys announced that going forward they will alter the awards of any nonbinary actor or actress to the gender neutral word “performer”. In Coca-Cola news their controversial diversity in the workplace policies may actually be illegal. The American Civil Rights Project (ACRP) has sent a letter to Coke warning them that their diversity policy would force their contracted law firms to violate anti-discrimination law. The current policy to achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace would force contracted law firms to make hiring decisions based on race. This is what we used to call discrimination.


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