Trump Has Another Meltdown As New York Prosecutors Close In

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Published on 29 Jun 2021, 16:00
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Donald Trump lashed out at what he called "radical left" prosecutors in New York on Monday, after his legal team argued that indictments shouldn't be handed down because it could hurt the business. Trump is running scared, and he has every reason to be freaking out right now. Indictments could be handed down this week, and that could be the beginning of the end for him and his business. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Yesterday, Donald Trump's lawyers had to argue to New York prosecutors as to why the organization should not be indicted. And one of the idiotic reasons that they gave was because indicting the company itself, indicting the Trump organization, would hurt the Trump organization. And that's, that's kind of the point, right? I mean, not that you're intentionally trying to hurt them, but if you did bad things, yes, that's going to be bad for business. So I'm not exactly sure why the lawyers went and tried to make that argument. But here's the thing, while the lawyers were trying to diplomatically, you know, kind of settle things, get things under control, Donald Trump was out there making things so much worse for his legal team by actually attacking the prosecutors as a group of radical left Democrats hell bent on destroying the MAGA movement.

Here is what Donald Trump said in a statement, radical left New York city and state prosecutors who have let murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and all other forms of crime skyrocket to record levels and who have just announced that they will be releasing hundreds of people involved in violent crime back onto the streets without retribution of any kind, are rude, nasty and totally biased in the way they are treating lawyers, representatives and some of the wonderful long-term employees and people within the Trump organization. They're relentlessly seeking to destroy a reputation of a president who has done a great job for this country, including tax and regulation cuts, border control, rebuilding the military and developing the vaccine in record time, thereby saving our country and far beyond. They are a disgrace to our nation.

Maybe if your organization hadn't been doing shady stuff for decades, none of this would have happened. Maybe if you'd never run for president in the first place, thereby kind of shining a spotlight on your own organization, none of this would have even come to light, Donald. But this is not an attempt to undermine the MAGA movement here in the United States. But Trump is trying to cast it as such so that he can have that basically, you know, security blanket if he does in fact, end up getting indicted. That way, his supporters will always think this whole thing was a witch hunt, which is another phrase he used in a different part of his statement. They're going to think that it was politically motivated. They're going to think that it was an attack, not just on Trump, but on themselves.

He knows exactly what he's doing with these statements. And even though it may not, you know, go over well with the prosecutors, it does play well with his low information base. Now, other reports have indicated that indictments, excuse me, could come this week. We could be seeing indictments against the organization itself. We could be seeing indictments against Weisselberg the CFO. It is unlikely at this point that we're going to see indictments again, against Trump or any of his children, at least this week. But things are happening, indictments are coming and it could be just a few hours away at this point.