Kushner Tried To Protect Trump From ‘Overconfident Idiots’ Like Kellyanne Conway

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Published on 23 Jul 2021, 16:00
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According to a new book by author Michael Bender, Jared Kushner tried to prevent "overconfident idiots" from having too much influence over Donald Trump. One of these "idiots", the book claims, was none other than Kellyanne Conway. Kushner was apparently afraid that these people would have Trump making stupid decisions, while ignoring the fact that Kushner himself had no idea what he was doing. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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According to a new book by author Michael Bender book, titled, Frankly, We Did Win This Election, according to the book, Jared Kushner took it upon himself to protect Donald Trump from some of the, I guess you'd call them less intellectually astute members of his own administration, or as Jared Kushner put it, according to the book, protecting Trump from overconfident idiots. And yes, one of those overconfident idiots that Jared Kushner sought to protect Donald Trump from was none other than Kellyanne Conway. See what the book says is that Jared Kushner was a little bit worried that some of these individuals, including Kellyanne, would have too much influence over the president. But see, he wasn't exactly worried that, oh, they're going to be, you know, telling the president what to do and we can't have that. He was worried that they were going to overshadow him and that they may actually elbow him out.

So he tried to portray these individuals as idiots, which let's be honest, they are, in order to make himself look better to Donald Trump. Now, of course, this is ironic considering the fact that Jared Kushner had no business whatsoever being a part of that administration. Okay. This is a real estate guy. He knows, knows nothing of the Middle East. And yet, for some reason, he was put in charge of trying to make peace in the Middle East. And, uh, that didn't exactly go very well whatsoever. But here's the twist. While Jared was trying to protect Donald Trump from people like Kelly, Kellyanne Conway, Corey Lewandowski and of course, Steve Bannon, the book says Steve Bannon was trying to protect Donald Trump from the stupidity of Jared and Ivanka. What all of this means is that we had a gaggle of morons sitting in that oval office and each moron thought they were king or queen moron, trying to keep the president away from the other morons, not realizing that they're just as dumb as the other people they're trying to protect him from.

Folks, it's no wonder we saw the level of dysfunction and corruption coming out of the Trump White House that we did. When you surround yourself with idiots who have no idea what they're doing, idiots who have no qualifications to be holding the jobs that they hold, then of course, you're going to run into problem after problem, scandal after scandal. And that is exactly what we saw coming out of that White House. And to me, I think that's really the big revelation from all of these books. You know, do they give us any real, you know, meat? Not really. But if you take them all as a whole and trust me, I'm not trying to knock down these people's books. I think they're, you know, great books, but it's mostly just great because it reaffirms everything we always thought. But anyway, what they do paint is a clear portrait of how dysfunctional this Trump White House was and how many idiots the guy constantly surrounded himself with from day one. That is the reason this administration was such an epic failure. And to be honest, if he'd surrounded himself with competent individuals, country might actually be a little worse off today.