Shootings in Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis are on the rise | Larry Elder

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Published on 23 Jul 2021, 18:46
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Chicago is often called the #murder capital of the world but when you look at per-capita homicide, St. Louis and Baltimore are three times worse. Police and community leaders are working on a plan to cure the violence but the numbers continue to rise on a daily basis. Weekend after weekend the violence in #Chicago continues to grow. The mayor of Chicago, head of police, and superintendent of Schools are Black, kind of tough to blame this one on systemic #racism, isn’t it? #AOC says the headlines are causing hysteria but even the woke mayor of Minneapolis admits that defunding the police has led to a spike in crime. When you reduce the possibility of a criminal being caught, convicted, or incarcerated, crime tends to go up. As Larry would say, you can’t make this up.

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Shootings in Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis are on the rise

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