Newsmax CEO Stuns Audience By Saying Biden Should Be Applauded

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Published on 24 Jul 2021, 18:00
Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy shocked the Newsmax audience this week by writing an op-ed that said that President Joe Biden should be applauded for his COVID efforts, and by saying that the vaccines are safe and effective. But Ruddy wasn't completely complimentary to the President; He also attacked him for making the vaccines political and for allegedly unraveling Trump's work on the pandemic. But even the slightest praise for a Democrat is enough to send the Newsmax audience into a fit, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, pinned in op-ed this week for the Newsmax website that really didn't sit too well with a lot of Newsmax viewers. You see Mr. Ruddy in his op-ed said that Joe Biden, president Joe Biden, should be applauded for all the work he has done with the pandemic. You see in Trump world, which is who Newsmax panders to, there's no room for praise for the other side whatsoever. Especially not for the guy that, you know, allegedly stole the election from your guy, even though that clearly didn't happen. So yeah, Newsmax viewers didn't take too kindly to Mr. Ruddy's statements. So what did Mr. Ruddy say? Here it is. Six months into his administration, president Joe Biden should be applauded for making a huge dent in the COVID pandemic. He inherited in effect, an effective vaccine from president Donald Trump, took it into his arms and ran with it.

I heard that in the early days of the administration, Biden himself was on a call discussing the rollout of the vaccine with some at the centers for disease control and prevention and others wanting delays in the rollout. Biden himself would have none of it. He took charge in the call and said there would be no delay. So what you're really doing here is you're, you're not just saying he should be applauded, but you're telling people how he kind of stepped in and became a hero here a little bit, right? Like they wanted to delay it, but by God Biden put his foot down and said, no, I am the leader. I am making this happen. People are dying. Let's get the vaccine out there now. Pretty remarkable story. And then of course, Mr. Ruddy went on to say that he's been vaccinated and then told his audience that vaccines are safe and effective.

Obviously something that the anti-vax crowd that does tend to flock to news sites like Newsmax isn't too crazy about. But don't get me wrong. While his praise of Biden is accurate and nice, it didn't last throughout the whole op-ed. He did take a couple of pot shots at Biden for stuff that really isn't true whatsoever. Biden could have distanced himself from the vaccine since his political nemesis had been key for its creation. Instead, Biden unravels Trump's achievements in those areas at his political peril. What? What, what, what does that, what does that even mean? Biden could have removed himself from the process? You just applauded him for literally being the guy who said, we're not going to wait on this. We're getting it out there. I'm doing it. You applauded him for that. I just read the, read the quote from you. Now you're saying, well, you shouldn't have been involved in it.

There, that's, that's the old Newsmax guy that we've been waiting for, right? Because you, you give him praise on one hand, and then you smack him in the face with the other. And no, he has not unraveled anything Trump has done. Trump wanted full credit for the vaccine. Biden never took credit for the vaccine. It just happened that, you know, once the vaccine started rolling out under Joe Biden, conservatives decided, no, we don't want to do it. We want Trump to have credit. We want to help crater the economy again. We want people to die, I guess, I don't know what it is. And they decided not to get it.