Newsmax Host Accuses Fox News Of Going ‘Woke’ For Not Covering Stupid Stories

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Published on 24 Jul 2021, 20:00
Former Fox News host and current Newsmax host Eric Bolling lashed out at his former network recently, claiming that they have gone "woke" because they aren't covering the MLB All-Star game being moved out of Georgia - something that was announced months ago. Apparently Newsmax wants Fox to cover things that nobody cares about, because that's how Newsmax has made a name for themselves. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses these attacks and explains why Newsmax is trying to paint Fox as the enemy.

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Recently Newsmax host Eric Bolling, formerly of Fox news, launched an attack against his former network for allegedly going woke. And the Reason he now thinks his former employers over at Fox news have gone woke is because according to Bolling, Fox news never talked about major league baseball moving the all-star game from Georgia to, I believe it moved to Colorado, in response to Georgia's voter suppression bill. Here's what Bolling had to say. This was last Friday, by the way. But where were they when MLB canceled the all-star game over being woke, they were silent, silent. Now I wonder why Fox was so quiet on the all-star game flip-flop, after all they claim to be against the leftist ruining the country by constantly playing the race card here, there and everywhere, and against the cancer that cancel culture is. Why were they silent when it came to the all-star game? Look no forward, no further than their program guide, turns out Fox was broadcasting that major league baseball all-star game. Watch these Fox shows not only, not only not call out major league baseball for their ill-conceived move to cancel the Atlanta all-star game. They actually promoted the Denver game.

Wow. That was a, that was a bit of a tongue twister there, Eric. Kudos to you for being able to get that out of the teleprompter, because I don't think I'd been able to do that. Here's the thing, Eric, you're at them for covering something that literally doesn't matter. You're mad at the people at Fox because they're talking about something that quite literally nobody gives a about. I mean, hell, I hate Georgia's voting law. I'm glad they moved the major league all-star game, but I wasn't going to watch it anyway because I don't watch baseball. So I really don't care about this. And I think most people in this country really don't care about it. They don't care if it's in Atlanta, if it's in Denver, hell, most of them wouldn't even care or notice if it were held in Cuba, they just want to watch the baseball game. But what you want, Eric, is you and I think Newsmax in general, I think they all want to start a war against Fox news. Because after all they're all fighting for the same audience, right? That's what they're doing. So Eric Bolling, you know, feels like, I'm assuming he feels like he has to go out there on the air. Tell his audience how bad Fox news is. Oh, look at them. They're on the dole. They air major league baseball games on their other Fox affiliates. So of course they're not going to call it out.

Really? Because Fox also pretty much has a, not total monopoly, but a near monopoly on NFL games. So does that also mean that they didn't talk about Colin Kaepernick? Did it? No, it did not, you idiot. Not to mention the fact that Fox news did cover the MLB all-star game being moved from Georgia. They covered it when it happened, when the decision was made literally months ago, back when somebody might have cared that this was a story, Eric, and yet here you are late July, still talking about it and mad that Fox is not still talking about it. You're really trying to dumb Fox news down to Newsmax level. I mean, hell, Fox news was already, you know, at the time was as dumb as they come. But then Newsmax and One America came basically showed them, oh no, you can get even dumber. You want to have a feud with Fox news.