Biden's Clean Energy Goals Are Insanely Popular

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Published on 25 Jul 2021, 18:00
The latest polling shows that huge majorities of Americans support the Biden administration's goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2035 - and that includes a majority of people in most red states. It turns out that clean energy, environmental protection, and reducing emissions are actually supported by both parties pretty much all over the country, except for in Washington, D.C. If fossil fuel money was removed from the equation, we wouldn't have anything standing in the way of our climate goals. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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The infrastructure reconciliation bill that is still working its way through the Senate is likely going to contain big, big goals for renewable energy. In fact, it does contain big, big goals for renewable energy. One of the renewable energy goals that the Biden administration itself has endorsed is transitioning the United States to 100% renewable energy by the year 2035. So 14 years from now, they want us all to be 100% renewable energy. That is a lofty goal. That's an expensive goal. And that's a goal that I am sure Republicans are going to hate, right? Actually, according to the latest round of polling, no. No, they don't hate it. They support it. The latest round of polling shows that all across the country with the exception of six congressional districts overwhelmingly support the plan to move the country to renewable energy by 2035. This plan is hugely popular with Democrats, Republicans, Independent, the Green Party, libertarians, doesn't matter who you are. Odds are you support this goal of the United States. Let me read this here from Axios.

The majority of voters in every state and in all but six congressional districts endorse the goal of a 100% clean energy grid. Even deep red states, such as Mississippi and Alabama showed clear majority support for Biden's goal and coal producing states, such as Wyoming and West Virginia showed narrow majority support. Policy goal was also popular in states featuring midterm election campaigns like Arizona, Georgia, and Ohio. It's ridiculous, basically all over the country people are saying, yes, let's get to 100% renewables. And in other polls, polls I've been writing about and talking about on this program for over 10 years, show that majority of people, including Republicans, support action to prevent climate change. They support reductions in emission, in emissions. They support protecting the environment. The only opposition that is coming to these plans at this point is not coming from the people it's coming from state and federal governments.

You know, the tiny minority of people in this country who serve in positions of power, they are the ones and they are the only ones blocking progress on this. Well, I guess they're not the only ones. I guess there is another group of individuals who are also blocking progress. And I guess they're really the masterminds behind all of it. And that would be the fossil fuel companies, their executives, their lobbyists, they're the ones who go and they pay off these politicians to not give us these goals that a majority of their constituents support. Folks, if we took lobbying out of the equation, if we passed Citizens United, if we got corporate money out of politics, we would probably already be on our way to these 100% renewable energy goals. It is the money from the fossil fuel company that is preventing any action on this, action that most of the country says, do it, make it happen, we want this. But our politicians are bought off.

And there's only one solution to that. Vote them all out. If you go to a candidates page on OpenSecrets, which by the way, if you're not using OpenSecrets, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Go to OpenSecrets. Look at your congressperson, look at your senators for your state. If they take fossil fuel money, vote them out.