FM criticises people 'deliberately spreading vaccine misinformation'

Published on 27 Jul 2021, 14:30
The First Minister criticised people who were “deliberately spreading misinformation” about the vaccine.

She said: “If you’re an anti-vaxxer who is going around deliberately spreading misinformation about this vaccine then yes I would accuse you of anti-social behaviour because you are putting people at risk by doing that and I would ask you to think very carefully about that.

“If you are doing it deliberately, definitely, or if you are just blithely retweeting or sharing on social media information about the vaccine that has not got any basis in evidence or fact then you are not helping at all; in fact you are doing the opposite of helping.

“But if you are someone who is genuinely worried about vaccination because you might be reading about some of this stuff then I would say to you ‘pleas just take a bit of time to find out the facts about the vaccine’.”