Mitch McConnell Desperately Blames Biden For Low Vaccination Rates

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Published on 28 Jul 2021, 19:00
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell lashed out at President Joe Biden this week, claiming that, as president, Biden is the one to blame for the low vaccination rates in this country. McConnell needs to take a good, long look at his Party, as they are the leaders of the misinformation coming out about the vaccines. Conservative media outlets are still pushing lies and conspiracy theories, and even some Republican members of Congress are still trying to mislead the public about the safety of the shots. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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On Monday of this week on the Senate floor, Republican Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, took some time out of his busy schedule of obstructing everything to blame Joe Biden for the declining vaccination rates here in the United States. This is what Mr. McConnell turtle man had to say. After the Biden administration was very eager to claim ownership and spike the football on the vaccination trajectory, which they largely inherited from Republican leadership. We've now seen vaccination rates in many places plateau on what this White House has been insisting is their watch. This turn toward pessimism is especially stunning and especially sad because president Biden took office with wind at his back. Things were set up for a roaring success like no other presidential transition in recent memory thanks in large part to operation warp speed set up by the prior Congress and administration. We had multiple safe and effective vaccines that were beginning to circulate widely through the country.

No you didn't Mitch. Yes, it's true that members of Congress were receiving vaccines in December and January. It's also true that January 20th was the day when Joe Biden at noon became president of the United States. Vaccines were not widely available for anyone in this country until really February. That's, that's when that happened. You started to get regular average citizens vaccinated in January. Sure. But that wasn't the spike, you idiot. That wasn't the spike. The spike occurred between about March and April with actually a lot in February as well. People were getting vaccinated more under the Biden administration and it's idiotic, stupid and disrespectful to suggest anything else. Sure. Operation warp speed helped bring us the vaccines, helped bring us the vaccines. So kudos to that. Sure. But don't act like this is Joe Biden's problem in any way shape form.

Republicans and plenty of anti-vaxxer Democrats, by the way, are the ones who have been pushing the lies, the misinformation, the smears and the conspiracy theories about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. You could turn on Fox news today, and I promise you at some point throughout their programming, you're going to hear somebody question, whether these vaccines are safe. They're going to put out some kind of talking point that will confuse people and persuade them ultimately to not get the shot. And if it doesn't happen on Fox news than it'll happen on Newsmax, it'll happen on One America. It'll come from an idiot Republican talking head like Charlie Kirk or Candace Owens. It'll come from somewhere on the right today. It'll come from them again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, because that's what they've been doing for months and months and months. And as I mentioned, we have plenty of anti-vaxxers on the left. Not nearly as many as you're seeing on the right on this issue.

And the ones on the left are absolutely just as stupid as those on the right. I'm not going to defend them. I'm not going to agree with them. I'm not even going to welcome them if I ever see them in person again. It's dangerous, it's stupid and people need to get vaccinated.