Marjorie Taylor Greene Freaks Out And Thinks She'll Be Arrested After Capitol Riot Hearings

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Published on 28 Jul 2021, 20:00
Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is not happy about the January 6th Committee hearings that are now underway, and she told a conservative media outlet on Tuesday that she fears she might end up in jail at the end of all of this. She claimed that she is a target of Pelosi's, and that the end goal is for Greene herself to be criminally charged. If she's afraid of being charged does that mean she committed a crime? Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this bizarre fear that Greene seems to have.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene after she was forced to run away from her little press conference early yesterday, then decided to go on Real America's Voice to vent and whine and cry and express her fears about the January 6th committee hearings. And apparently according to Marjorie Taylor Greene, her biggest fear is that she is going to be arrested when all of this is over. Here's what she had to say. The January 6th committee has started, and this is Nancy Pelosi's witch hunt. This is her final vendetta against the president that she hates with a passion. This woman is blind with rage and evil, and she's launching this political attack on all of us. I know for certain I'm one of her targets. They want members of Congress in jail. And guess who that is? Nancy Pelosi is so warped in her thinking. She wants to put president Trump in jail. She wants to put Kevin McCarthy in jail. She'd like to put me in jail. Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, Lauren Boebert. She'd like to put us all in jail.

Honestly, Marjorie, um, I'd like that too. Now I don't believe that all of you have actually committed crimes for which you could actually be prosecuted. So I'm not saying you should all be in jail, but I'm not closed off to the idea of investigating you all. No, look, here's the thing. Marjorie if you're worried you're going to be in jail, is that your subconscious way of telling us you think you did something illegal? I mean, that's, that's how I'm taking that. Like, if I were to walk up to my friends and be like, guys, I'm afraid I might be in jail, I might be arrested. Their first reaction is going to be, oh my God, what did you do? Why do you think you're going to be arrested and put in jail? Oh, Marjorie, you may have just admitted to more than you wanted to admit to. But nevertheless, the goal of this, committee, excuse me, is not to just throw people in jail. The goal of it is to expose the truth of what happened that day. Expose the bad actors.

And if criminal charges need to be filed, file the criminal charges. If you've done nothing wrong, Marjorie, you probably have nothing to worry about. You know, even Republicans when they wanted Hillary Clinton locked up and they did all those Benghazi hearings, made her testify for 11 straight hours. They still didn't lock her up because there was no evidence to do that. So yeah, Marjorie, if you've done nothing wrong, I think you're in the clear at this point. But it is weird because she's not the only one who's expressed this fear. Matt Gaetz couple days ago also expressed the fear that he might be arrested. So what we're seeing now may not be Republicans actually being afraid that they're going to be arrested. This is just testing the waters for a new talking point because they know they're not going to be able to combat what is coming out of that committee. You know, the first day was absolutely horrible for Republicans and horrifying for the American public to hear these police officers recant their stories.

So Republicans have to think of a way to fight this without, you know, demonizing their base that's getting arrested and put on trial for storming the Capitol. And this is it. This is the talking point. We're afraid we're going to be arrested. Our civil rights are going to be violated.