Lauren Boebert Throws Mask At House Staffer During Tantrum

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Published on 29 Jul 2021, 16:00
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According to multiple reporters who witnessed the exchange, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert threw a face mask at a Democratic House staffer after the staffer tried to hand her a mask to wear on the floor. Masks are once again mandatory in the House at the recommendation of the House physician, due to the surging Delta variant of the Coronavirus. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins talks about this disgusting tantrum from the giant baby Boebert.

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On Tuesday evening, the physician for the US House of Representatives put a mask mandate back in place for the lower chamber and Republicans, as you could expect, were off. And one of the more off people happened to be Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, and on Wednesday, she showed up to the chamber, not wearing a mask. And according to two different reporters who were present, she was handed a mask by a Democratic staffer. And rather than put the mask on, or even just toss it aside, put it in your pocket, whatever, Boebert decided to throw a tantrum and according to both of the reporters present through the mask into the face of the staffer who handed her a mask. That's the level of snowflake dumb that we're dealing with with these idiot Republicans. We're watching as the Delta variant of the Coronavirus surges across the country. I'm sitting here in Florida where one out of every five new cases of COVID is being confirmed.

And we have people like Boebert who still want to try to make masks into a political statement, telling the world I don't care about anybody else other than myself and my own comfort. As if those little flimsy paper masks are somehow inhibiting her ability to speak or talk or breathe or anything like that. They're not. She is a baby as are so many of these idiotic Republicans across the country, still refusing to put on a face mask to protect themselves and those around them. This is selfish behavior. This is childish behavior. This is idiotic behavior. But it's even worse when we see it happening literally on the floor of Congress with Boebert getting so that she's handed a mask that she throws it back in this person's face, a person who's literally just tried to do their job. I'm sure that person was probably given a stack of masks said, here you go. You got to give them out. And I, I can surmise this because my office Wednesday morning made the announcement mask mandates are back, even if you're vaccinated in accordance with the new CDC guidelines. So we actually had somebody go around and hand out masks to people if they didn't have theirs with them, because we've been going unmasked for quite a while, if we're vaccinated.

So yeah, that made sense. As far as I know though, at my office, even though we are down here in deep red district in Florida, nobody threw it back at the individual handing out masks and got off about it. Can't say the same apparently for Lauren Boebert. McCarthy also, House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy also blew up at Nancy Pelosi. She dismissed it, basically called him a moron for challenging these mask mandates. Ted Cruz sent out a tweet saying no more mask mandates. They don't care. They really don't care. And it's these kind of stupid statements and stupid actions from these Republicans that's part of the big reason why we're seeing the surge in COVID today. They're too cowardly to put on a mask to protect people in the middle of a deadly pandemic that they are helping to make worse. These are truly horrible people. There is no other way to say it. These are a horrible, horrible human beings. And I hope that everyone in their districts or in their states remembers this the next time they have a chance to vote them out.