Rnc Busted Scamming Their Own Donors

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Published on 29 Jul 2021, 17:00
The Republican National Committee has been caught trying to scam their own donors with deceitful messages about donating to the Party. The messages are designed to look like actual bills that were being sent as "final notices" to people. They also sent out emails falsely claiming that the donations would be used to fund election challenges, which isn't the case. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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According to new reports, the Republican National Committee might actually be attempting to scam their own donors with their latest round of fundraising. I'm just going to read this as Raw Story put it, the RNC sent out text messages in email this week to GOP supporters that made a fundraising request appear to be a final notice on an unpaid bill and urge them to activate their lifetime membership while others falsely suggested contributions would support Donald Trump's lawsuit against social media companies. The new messages resemble shady schemes Republicans used in the last election cycle, including a late December email Donald Trump pushed out as he fought to overturn his loss and raked in a half a billion dollars between mid-October and the end of November. Now here's the thing, technically, this is not illegal. Is it unethical? Most likely, right?

But in this instance, you're not going to face criminal charges for unethical behavior. But as a report from the Daily Beast points out, most of these donors are elderly individuals who are not quite as savvy at navigating the internet. So they see this notice, it looks like an unpaid bill and they say, oh my God, I need to pay this. But what they're actually doing is submitting a donation to the Republican National Committee. Furthermore, if they try to get out of this, a message pops up that says the radical left is so happy that you uncheck that box. Don't give them what they want. So if you're trying to get out of recurring donations, they try to shame you into staying with that program and giving them money every single month. Which of course, as we know, we had reported on, there were tons of reports on it at the end of the year. Trump's campaign basically did the same thing, signing people up or auto enrolling them, I guess, is the term, in these recurring donations and people didn't realize they were losing money every single month.

Um, the Republican party is getting a little desperate, right? I mean, that's what this is. You don't trick your own donors if you're not struggling for money. Okay. And I know they've raised millions and millions. I think they've actually outraised the Democrats at this point. But folks, one thing we have to understand is that Republicans have far more seats to defend in the 2022 midterms than the Democrats do. On top of that, Republicans have, I think what was it, five or six of their upcoming vacant Senate seats where the person's retiring. So that's a whole new level of spending when you're no longer dealing with an incumbent who has the built-in name recognition and voter base. So Republicans need all the money they can get, but apparently they're just not getting enough of it doing it the honest way. So they resort to tricks like this, having to scam their own donors, just to save their party in the upcoming midterms.