[236] Congressman Dennis Kucinich Joins Redacted Tonight!

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Published on 29 Jul 2021, 21:30
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Congressman Dennis Kucinich joins Lee Camp for a special interview. Congressman Kucinich is running to serve as Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio for the second time. He has also recently written a book, "The Division of Light and Power," about his campaign to protect the municipal electric utilities of Cleveland from the banks and the mob. Kucinich shares a wild story of the intimidation and attempted assassinations that he and his supporters in Ohio faced for getting in between the rich and their profits. Listen to their inspiring conversation about fighting through adversity.

Also in this episode:
Naomi Karavani reports on the conviction and sentencing of Daniel Hale. Hale was the whistleblower who exposed the depths of the illegal drone bombing program headed by President Barack Obama. The notorious program created mass death that was overwhelmingly dealt arbitrarily against civilians. Hale's whistleblowing showed the world how callous and grotesque the US's policies in the War On Terror had always been.

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