Covid-19 UK govt: Companies forcing employees to get vaccinated is a 'good idea'

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Published on 30 Jul 2021, 9:14
Coronavirus vaccine passport latest: A government minister was quizzed on companies forcing employees to get vaccinated, Grant Shapps says: "Yes it's a good idea, and yes some companies will require it, but we're not going to make that legislation."

And he refuses to be drawn on the self-isolation exemption date coming forward in line with Scotland and Wales, saying: "The reality is people putting themselves in isolation has saved a lot of lives.

"We are being slightly cautious about it and right now that [16 August] is the date."

Jonathan Reynolds, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said he disagrees with these comments, saying vaccine passports should not be for everyday life and "nipping to the pub".

However, he did say there could be a case for implementing the documentation for large-scale events.

Mr Reynolds said: "I wouldn’t want them for every day life or to try and force them on people to go to work.

"Compulsion is the wrong message to have on that - I think it might present a negative result to what we want to achieve."

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