Flint Water Crisis Investigations Reveal MASSIVE Cover-Up By Top City Officials

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Published on 30 Jul 2021, 15:00
Via America’s Lawyer: The city of Flint made national headlines in 2015 after dozens of Michigan residents were sickened and even killed by dangerous amounts of lead in their drinking water. Since then, multiple investigations have pointed to a massive cover-up within former governor Rick Snyder’s administration. Mike Papantonio is joined by investigative journalist Jordan Chariton to discuss how official phone records dating back to 2015 all mysteriously vanished.

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The city of Flint made national headlines back in 2015, after dozens of Michigan residents were sickened and even killed by dangerous amounts of lead in their drinking water. Since then multiple investigations have pointed to massive cover-up within the former governor Rick Snyder administration. I have investigative journalist, Jordan Chariton with me to talk about this. Jordan, first of all, let me begin by telling you, you have done a remarkable job covering this story when corporate media has as paid no attention. I mean, it's almost as if corporate media has an attention span of a, of a fruit fly. And I just want to tell you, this is great coverage. Your report in the Intercept explains how hard it's been for investigators to get a hold of phone records relating to the Flint water crisis. What's going on with all this missing evidence? It looks really, really bad.
Yeah. So, essentially there's been two investigations. One was the original, starting in 2016, that was under a Republican attorney general, and that investigation and those prosecutors discovered governor Snyder his top officials, including his press secretary, their phones were erased shortly before the launch of the Flint criminal investigation. Those prosecutors also learned that top officials in the health department, obviously a health crisis, so kind of important, their phones mysteriously had no messages on them for all of 2014 through October, 2015, which was the full period Flint used the Flint river for its water. They also were tipped off that the officials with the state environmental department, allegedly dumped their phones to the state IT department and those phones came to IT wiped clean, was the quote.
Yeah. So we expected more from Dana, Dana Nessel. I mean, you know, we, matter of fact, I came on the show when she was announcing like this, they were going to really do something about it. Well, they did nothing. I mean, they, they dropped the ball knowing that as you report this doctor, Dr. Wells, Dr. Eden Wells, that is this, this is their job. Okay. They, they, they phone records just disappear. They've been wiped clean, even though they have a retention requirement of at least one year after, you know, and, and indefinite, if there's an investigation going on. It's very clear somebody wiped the phone, isn't it? What explanation do they give for these texts phone logs being, just vanishing?
You know, as a journalist, you usually get spin from government and corporations. In this case, it was silence of the lambs. The health department literally said we don't care to comment when asked about, do you have an explanation for, you know, a year and a half's worth of messages mysteriously being empty. The environmental department currently under governor Whitmer basically pointed fingers at the previous administration saying, we, we can't speculate about what they did or their motivations. The governor's legal team has refused to answer. So nothing is being disputed in this story, you know, I think, you know, the, the mainstream media pretends you're all supposed to be neutral robots as journalists. I very confidently say, this is the biggest government cover up this century from the governor's office, health department.
It is.
The environmental department. It's crazy.

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