Audience Struggles with Anti-Vaxxers As Disinformation Spreads 7/30/21

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Published on 31 Jul 2021, 1:00
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New Show: Lara Trump loves when her kids get sick, pastor says someone else's vaccine made him sick, live calls, and much more...

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00:00 Start
00:18 Lara Trump Was "Thrilled" Her Kids Got Sick
05:37 Lunatic Pastor Says Someone Else's Vaccine Made Him Sick
11:06 Nursing Home Worker: It's a Disaster
16:56 What About Paying People to Get Vaccinated?
21:07 "My Anti-Vax Dad Died of COVID"
24:03 Caller: Should Dems Unite Everyone By Being Centrists? (NO!)
27:08 17-Year-Old Caller: My Parents Won't Let Me Get Vaccinated
34:22 Caller Is Too Afraid to Leave His House
37:49 "My Girlfriend Will Break Up With Me If I Get Vaccinated!"
44:31 What Happens When Everyone Gets Evicted in 2 Months?
49:42 Will Trump Be Unopposed in 2024 Republican Primary?
53:45 Why Don't Republicans Try Policy Instead of Culture War?
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Broadcast on July 30, 2021

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