Do Democrats Believe They Can Trick Americans This Way? | Jim Jordan | POLITICS | Rubin Report

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Published on 31 Jul 2021, 13:45
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Rep. Jim Jordan about how to break up big tech, the absurd irony of Democrats being against misinformation, and why inflation and skyrocketing gas prices are likely to turn Biden voters against him. First, Jim discusses why it’s vital to revoke the section 230 liability protections that the tech monopolies currently enjoy. He also shares ways that big tech can be broken up using antitrust laws. He addresses how Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s comments about coordinating social media censorship with Facebook to fight disinformation should frighten all Americans. He also discusses how the authoritarian left no longer cares about civil liberties and why he misses the days of progressives like Dennis Kucinich who at least valued freedom of speech.Next, Jim discusses the irony of Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Democrats wanting to crack down on misinformation on social media after they have lied about mostly peaceful protests, how Republicans allegedly wanted to defund the police, the Russian collusion hoax, and how the Hunter Biden laptop was actually a part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Jim discusses how past antitrust law could easily justify the breaking up of big tech. Jim also acknowledges that while the left may control big tech, Hollywood, higher education, and sports they cannot control local and state governments. This is where he suggests people need to fight back. Finally, Jim discusses the liberal hypocrisy of Democrats denouncing any Republican who is worried about election integrity or demanding an election audit. He lists many prominent Democrats who are very familiar with questioning election results in the past. He also explains why the Biden administration has had the worst first 6 months of any administration in his lifetime. He argues that rising fuel prices, lumber prices and other essentials will create a severe backlash among Biden voters. Jim also discusses the importance of the United States leading with strength on the world stage and discusses how US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been a disaster for America’s image to the rest of the world.

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