Ballot Audit Turning Into A Total Nightmare For Arizona Republicans

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Published on 31 Jul 2021, 16:00
The state of Arizona is already on the hook for millions of dollars from the ballot audit because the company running the audit likely broke their voting machines, and now they could end up having to spend millions more as Cyber Ninjas says they want to get their hands on the routers used during the election. The group has no idea what they're doing, and the results we've already seen coming out of the state prove that. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Well folks, the audit taking place in Arizona of the Maricopa county ballots, over 2 million of them, really just gets dumber and dumber by the week. What we recently learned was that cyber ninjas, the company that's been going through and doing these forensic audits, uh, they've already cost the state roughly $3 million because they may have broken all the voting machines and the voting machines can't be used again. And the reason for that is because cyber ninjas had to come and, you know, kind of put their head down and be like, hey, um, we may have gotten your voting machines infected with malware. Oops. Right? Who among us hasn't been there. So, you know, that's, that's a problem for the state and they got to pay $3 million for that. And now cyber ninja says, okay, well, we're done breaking your voting machines. What we want now is we need all the routers, which is like $6 million worth of routers, by the way.

But they want all the routers used around the state during the election, where data was transmitted for the election, we need the routers. And now the Republicans are kind of sitting there like, well, we, we don't know if, uh, if we're going to give you those, because you've already broken so much in the state because you're so incompetent, you know, maybe, maybe you can do it without the routers. They're ultimately probably going to get the routers. And the state's probably gonna have to pay a total of $9 million at this point, because cyber ninjas is so bad at what they're doing. But in cyber ninjas defense, let's not forget, this is the first ballot audit they've ever done. That's not what this company is. Okay. They're in uncharted territory for them. So you gotta have a little bit of, you know, sympathy for these idiots who are breaking everything in the state. And also by the way, not finding any instances of voter fraud.

So, you know, it's kind of like giving your kid a hammer and saying, go fix the computer for me. And that's what these children have done in Arizona. They took their little hammers and they looked at the voting machine and said, well, let's open her up and find the fraud. Bam. Now I don't see any fraud. Do you? I don't know what fraud looks like, but it's not in there. This is comical. It actually, it would be comical if it wasn't so dangerous for democracy, because let's not forget you have had other states, representatives from other states, lawmakers from other states, visit Arizona, watch this audit and then go back to their states and say, we need to do the same thing. No, cyber ninjas needs to be held liable for the damage they're causing in the state. Okay. They, the, the state, even though I'm that the Republicans did this, taxpayers in Arizona shouldn't be the ones that have to foot the bill for this company breaking the equipment.

You know, if I hire somebody to come into my house and fix my dishwasher, and then instead of, you know, oh, we had to replace the heating coil, but then we broke your whole dishwasher. They would have to replace my entire dishwasher. I wouldn't be on the hook for that cost. Same thing with cyber ninjas. If they accidentally put malware all over your voting machines, you shouldn't be paying for it. They should. And they should also be immediately fired from doing this job. This is insane.