Biden Is Right - The U.S. Is A Global Laughingstock

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Published on 31 Jul 2021, 17:00
During his recent town hall event, President Biden made the comment that the rest of the world is "wondering about" the United States due to the fact that we have so many anti-vaxxers refusing to take the COVID vaccine, which is causing a massive spike in cases. But it isn't just the anti-vaxxers who are making us look like incompetent idiots - the election truthers, the anti-science lawmakers, and the overall prevalence of conspiracy theories give the rest of the world plenty to laugh at about the United States, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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You know, last week during his town hall on CNN, Joe Biden made a comment that escaped my notice at the time, but I think it's worth doubling back to and that comment was this, I'll say one last thing. I've had a lot of experience internationally and I mean, not good or bad. Just I have. I chaired the foreign relations committee. I've been deeply involved. I did national security for our last administration with Barack Obama. But folks, the rest of the world's wondering about us. Those of you who've traveled abroad, it's not a joke. What he was talking about in this particular set of circumstances is the fact that the United States is rather unique in the fact that we have so many people refusing to take the vaccine based on nothing more than crazed conspiracy theories.

Now, other countries sure, they have their share of individuals who are anti-vax, spreading anti-vax propaganda, hell, a story from the BBC this past Monday actually said that YouTubers, a lot of them foreign YouTubers, were being paid to spread anti-vax propaganda about the COVID vaccine. So of course we're not unique with it. But what is unique is the volume of people, the percentages, the large percentages who say I'm not taking the thing, and this does not include, for the record any immunocompromised people who physically cannot take the vaccine, your excused from my little rant here. But Biden is right. We're a bunch of idiots and the rest of the planet is laughing at us. But they're not just laughing at us over the anti-vaxxers or the COVID denialism.

They're laughing at us over the election denialism from 2020. They're still laughing at us from the Trump years. They're laughing at us about so many things. They're wondering about us, as he says, as to why we have to pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for healthcare each year if we want to go to the doctor. They're wondering why we're lagging so far behind the progress the rest of the countries have made on the issue of climate change and why we have so many science denying people working in the federal government. Do you understand that climate denial is almost exclusively an American Republican party phenomenon? Now that's not to say that there are not climate deniers all across the globe. There are.

But as a political party, the United States Republican party is the only national political party from an industrialized country that actively refuses to take action on the issue of climate change. That is unique here to us and they've been wondering about us with that issue for years, even before Trump came along. See folks, we have a lot of problems here in the United States. And I know Republicans are actually trying to prevent schools from teaching kids about any of the problems we have past, present or even future. But we have to acknowledge those problems now if we want to be able to fix them. You know, and it's bad enough, again, that Republicans are trying to rewrite history by trying to say that, oh, the United States never had a race problem. Slaves were happy people. It's bad enough that we have to deal with that. But we also have to deal with the people today trying to rewrite our daily history.

Saying no, no, everybody else is stupid for having universal healthcare. It doesn't work.