Trump Junior And Ron DeSantis Are The Most Popular Republicans In New Poll

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Published on 31 Jul 2021, 20:00
A new poll has revealed some rather startling information about the state of the Republican Party. According to the poll, the two most popular Republicans in America are currently Donald Trump, Jr. and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. This just shows that the voters don't really care about policies - they are only interested in personalities. It is difficult to find common ground or even reason with people when their only concern is with personality, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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A startling new poll reported by Axios this week shows that the Republican party doesn't care about policy. They don't care about moving the party forward. All they care about is personality. Now the poll wasn't actually attempting to gauge that, that's actually my takeaway from the poll, because according to this poll, the two most popular Republicans here in the United States of America today are Donald Trump Jr. and Ron DeSantis. Now, of course, Donald Trump Jr. has never held an elected office in his entire life. Didn't even have a job within his father's administration. So he has no policy positions. He has no background in politics for us to analyze of what he could do. He's just a dude that posts these, you know, whacked out videos online sometimes looking like a complete, uh, well basically an escaped mental patient is what he looks like. And then of course you have Ron DeSantis, the man who was trying to be Trump Jr.

The real Trump Jr. in politics, coming up with all of these horrendous policies, making it legal to run over protestors if they're in the middle of the road and you got somewhere to be, run them over, let God sort them out. Won't enact any kind of safeguards to protect his state from the pandemic that now accounts for one in five of every new COVID cases here in the United States. Tried to fine social media companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every day because they blocked Donald Trump from Twitter and Facebook. So yeah, he's not a serious person either. But according to the new poll, Don Jr. has an approval rating, basically a favorable rating, sorry, of plus 55, which means the difference between his favorable and his unfavorable is 55. That is massive. Ron DeSantis is at 54. Up next you have Kevin McCarthy who's plus 24, Matt Gaetz at plus 17, Marjorie Taylor Greene at plus 8, Mitch McConnell at plus 2 and then Liz Cheney negative 43, which means her unfavorables are far higher than her favorables.

So out of all those people I just mentioned, you know, two that are not doing well at all. Obviously, House minority leader and Senate minority leader, and those are the only two that actually have some kind of agenda that, I guess makes sense to them. It's just obstruction is their agenda. But hell, it's more than what those other wackos have. All those wackos have, you know, your Trump Jr's, your DeSantis', your Gaetz and your Marjorie Taylor Greene's, all they have is talking points to go out there and get people all riled up and crazy. And apparently that's what the Republican party wants. So how do you fight back against that? How do you reason with these individuals that do not want to talk policy? They do not want to move the country forward. They don't even want to have a plan. They just want to latch themselves onto whatever personality they think is going to own the libs the most, that is what today's Republican party is all about. That is what this poll shows us. It's only about personality because these people are living in a cult and now they're trying to find their new leader.