Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville Violated Transparency Laws By Not Reporting Stock Trades

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Published on 1 Aug 2021, 16:00
Yet another United States lawmaker has gotten caught for failing to disclose stock trades. This time it was Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, who failed to disclose more than $3 million in stock trades that he made. Tuberville is far from being the only member caught this year, but this is just further proof that something needs to be done to crack down on the rampant corruption from both parties with regards to their stock holdings. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Freshmen Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville from the state of Alabama is in serious legal trouble, folks. He apparently failed to disclose more than $3 million worth of stock trades with his, which is a direct violation of the stock act. He broke the law and unfortunately Tommy Tuberville is not the only Senator to break that law this year. And before you worry about Tommy Tuberville having to face any kind of sanctions or, you know, criminal investigations, nah, don't worry. The first time you violate the stock act, it's only a $200 fine for failing to disclose your stock trades, 200 bucks. $3 million worth of trades and as a penalty for not disclosing these, which could show a, an egregious conflict of interest, 200 bucks. I guarantee you people like Tommy Tuberville have that just sitting in their pocket and they be like, oh yeah, here. You know what, here's 400 bucks because I may do it again.

Tommy Tuberville is not the only problem. And this story just me off beyond belief. Here's the other, both Republican and Democratic senators who this year have violated the stock act. Dianne Feinstein, Democrat. Tom Malinowski, Democrat. Pat Fallon, Republican. Dan Crenshaw, Republican. Blake Moore, Republican. Sean Patrick Maloney, Democrat. Both senators and members of the house of representatives who have violated the stock act, which is a law. So they broke the law failing to disclose their stock trades and nothing. They get a small little fine, 200 bucks. This is nuts, folks. These are the people who make the laws that affect everything around us. They're the ones who get to decide how the money is spent, how your tax dollars get spent and we can't even trust them to disclose where their own money is, where their own money is going.

And we're supposed to trust them with the full power of the United States, treasury behind them? This is insane. Owning stocks should be illegal for members of Congress, not just trading because I know there's been legislation, I think Elizabeth Warren's the one leading the way saying, nope, you can't trade stock. Screw that. I don't want it to be that they can't trade stock. I want it to be that they can't own stock. Nothing, no holdings. You want to serve in Congress you give up your fortune. You get your salary and that's all you get. You don't get to own stock. You don't get to own private businesses. You don't get to do any of that crap anymore because you made the choice to be a public servant. And trust me, that salary is more than enough to sustain you, what is it, $172,000 a year. Yeah, you're fine.

But Tommy Tuberville obviously, has made millions and millions and millions of dollars as a coach for college football, as a crappy coach of college football. So he's got the money to spend. Dianne Feinstein's got the money to spend. These other individuals most of them have the money to spend. So nothing's ever going to change and here's why, because in order to ban them from owning stock, they would have to pass the law banning themselves from owning it, which would cost them millions and millions and millions of dollars. So yeah, that's literally never going to happen.