Republican Lawmaker Admits Nobody Actually Believes Trump's Election Lies

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Published on 1 Aug 2021, 19:00
Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger admitted on CNN this week that most of his Republican colleagues in the House don't actually believe Donald Trump's lies about the election being stolen, even though they continue to peddle those conspiracies. This isn't surprising at all, it just gives us further proof that the Republican Party has absolutely no moral standards (and they haven't for decades.) But that isn't the only thing that Kinzinger said during his interview that should raise eyebrows, and Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains another admission that tells us a lot about Kinzinger himself.

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Republican representative, Adan Kinzinger who, as we all know is serving on the January 6th select committee, is a never Trump Republican, appeared on CNN this week, talking to Wolf Blitzer, where Kinzinger made an astonishing admission. He said, save one or two maybe out here, nobody and I think it's important to repeat, nobody, actually believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump, but a lot of them are happy to go out and say it was. Now Kinzinger, isn't talking about the public because far too many of them obviously believe that the election was in fact stolen. He's talking about members of Congress. He's talking about his Republican colleagues serving in the House of Representatives who gladly go out there and spread these idiotic conspiracy theories and lies. But behind closed doors, they're more than willing to admit, yeah, this didn't actually happen. But hey, it's great for fundraising. It's great for keeping Trump off your back and that's why they're doing it. This is who the Republican party is today. But don't worry, I am not about to praise Kinzinger one second for what he said during this interview, because my biggest beef is, come on, man.

You want to expose these people in your party. You want to purify the Republican party, get rid of the crazies, name names. Give us the fricking names. Otherwise your being a coward too. And I'll tell you what else, to me during that interview that he did with Wolf Blitzer, that wasn't even the most stunning admission. Blitzer asked him point blank based on how crazy the Republican party has become, would you consider leaving the party? And here is what Kinzinger said. No, look, I'm a Republican at heart, right. I was a Republican way before Donald Trump, since I was six years old, I believe in the values I'm fighting for and I believe that a party of such great rich history deserves to have people, even if it's only a couple of us at the moment, in there fighting to restore the soul of it. So I'm going to fight hard for that. So you're not willing to change. You're not willing to say that this party is broken beyond repair. You're not willing to leave the crazies behind because oh, you believe you can fix them. That's so cute, buddy. You've been a Republican since you were six years old. Come on. What six year old is walking around screaming about entitlement programs need to be cut? We need trickle-down economics. No, you're full of it.

And the fact that you refuse to leave this party behind, you're just going to stay with it, keep floating along with it as it devolves into total chaos and anarchy, it just shows that you're not one of the good guys here. You're not an ally. You're not a friend. You're a fraud, Kinzinger, that's what you are. You are a fraud. The Republican party today is the Trump party. It's the Trump cult. It's not even a party anymore. It is a cult of Donald Trump because you're sitting there admitting that your colleagues, the people you have lunch with, the people you hang out with, the people you vote with majority of the time, you're admitting, yeah, they're horrible people publicly. But don't worry behind the scenes, they're totally not. You're all the same.