This Is Thehumanistrepooort! | Episode 300 (July 30, 2021)

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Published on 1 Aug 2021, 18:59
It’s the 300th episode of the program—and don’t you DARE say anything about the lame reference to an old movie from the 2000s! We’ve done this 300 times, the creativity is gone! Anyways, we’ll discuss Nina Turner’s campaign, the cover-up in Flint, the Frito-Lay strike, GOP lunatics and much more! Enjoy the show!

Shontel Brown Faces Potential Ethics Probe:
Phonebank for Nina Turner:
Shontel Brown Gaining Ground on Nina:
Most Arizona Voters Back Primary Challenge to Kyrsten Sinema:
Biden Seemingly Giving Up on Voting Rights:
Democrats Fear the Worst Over New Voter Restrictions:
Jesse Jackson Arrested:
Marjorie Greene & Louie Gohmert Rally Disrupted:
More Evidence of a Criminal Cover Up in Flint:
Parkland Shooting Victim’s Father Convinced it Was a Hoax by QAnon:
Matt Gaetz’s Future Sister-in-Law Exposes Him for the Creep that he Is:
Arkansas Nurse Discusses Abuse She Puts Up With from COVID Deniers:

0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview
3:31 Nina Turner’s Opponent is in Hot Water
13:08 Details About Flint Cover-Up Revealed
24:37 Arkansas Nurse Talks Anti-Vax Patients
42:27 Capitol Officers Recall Insurrection
56:08 Protesters Shut Down Marjorie Greene Presser
1:09:08 Parkland Survivor Shares Terrible Story
1:19:59 Matt Gaetz Gets Called Out by His Own Family
1:29:22 George P. Bush Gets Cucked by Trump
1:34:04 Tucker Carlson Confronted in Montana
1:43:05 Frito-Lay Workers Describe Working Conditions
1:55:16 Jesse Jackson Marches to Sinema’s Office
2:03:44 Shontel Brown Catching Up to Nina Turner
2:13:15 The Case for Going Outside and Touching Grass
2:38:56 Outro

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