Pfizer Agrees To Pay $345 Million In EpiPen Price Gouging Settlement

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Published on 3 Aug 2021, 15:00
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And finally tonight, some good news. Pfizer's agreed to pay a $345 million settlement over antitrust claims related to the EpiPen price hikes. Farron Cousins joins me again to talk about this. Wow. They were just hit 2017 for $465 million. That didn't do any good. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody's investigated. Same old story, isn't it?
Right, it is. And so finally the, they had to come back with this other, which is a result of these wonderful class action lawsuits, trying to hold these individuals accountable. They did it, $345 million, settlement still has to be, you know, go through the finalization process. That amount could change. We're not really expecting it to, so it should stick with that. But you know, to me, this is an issue that is, you know, incredibly personal. I have two kids with severe allergies have to have EpiPen. They expire every nine months. So you've got to buy them twice a year, 650 a pop, 1300 for two kids. It's insane for something that just years ago cost a hundred dollars. They hiked the price on these for absolutely no good reason whatsoever, other than the fact that they could and people had to pay it because you can't be without it.
650% is that number, right?
650%. Nothing's different. All the R and D is done. This is just pure greed at its very worse. Again, DOJ does nothing. They have plenty to work with. Why? These are the new vaccine people.
Oh, we got to protect the new vaccine. How much did they make on the vaccine just?
Johnson & Johnson, the latest numbers that came out on them, that's all I have so far is $5 billion.
$5 billion.
In the most recent quarter.
Yeah. Thank you for joining me. Okay.
Thank you.
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