America's Longest War Is Officially Over; Hurricane Ida's Wrath Leaves Widespread Damage | NTD

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Published on 31 Aug 2021, 17:21
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00:00 NTD News Today—8/31/2021
01:21 America's Longest War Is Officially Over
02:53 GOP Demands Bill to Lay Out Evacuation Plan
05:43 Biden to Address Nation on End of Afghan War
06:19 U.S. Veteran Helps Save Afghan Translators
08:49 U.S. Marine Resigns, Demands Accountability
11:11 Afghan Family Reunites After 12 Years Apart
13:15 Rescuers on Boats Reach Those Stranded by Ida
14:48 Ida's Wrath Leaves Widespread Damage
15:55 Saint Owner Gives $1M Hurricane Ida Donation
16:44 Strict Texas Abortion Law to Take Effect Wed.
17:37 Agencies to Expand Facial Recognition: Report
19:10 EU Removes U.S. From Safe Travel List
20:41 Lawyers Help Airline Workers W/ Vax Waivers
21:56 Judge Reverses Vaccine Mandate for Mother
23:23 Locals Doubt Somerton's Census Numbers
25:57 Mollie Tibbetts Killer Gets Life Sentence
26:44 Calif. Resort Town Residents Flee Wildfire
29:50 U.S. Veteran Wins Paralympic Triathlon Gold
30:33 Olympian Returns to NJ With 2 Gold Medals
31:08 Cougar Kept as Illegal Pet Removed From NYC Home
31:50 South Korea Limits App Store Payment Controls
32:35 Fake Chinese Goods Seized at U.s. Airport
34:04 Insider: Beijing's Crackdown on Celebrities
40:54 A Rare Commercial Opportunity in Cuba
43:13 Hope on the Horizon as Egypt Tourism Recovers
45:05 Maintaining Mobility and Mental Health

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Biden to Address Nation on End of Afghan War; Hurricane Ida's Wrath Leaves Widespread Damage | NTD