Biden Admin Responds to Report of Taliban Blocking Americans; US Probing Reports of Oil Spills | NTD

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Published on 7 Sep 2021, 16:56
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00:00 NTD News Today—9/7/2021
02:56 Blinken: Small Number Trying to Leave Airport
03:41 Blinken: No Hostage-like Situation in Afghan
04:20 Sen. Blumenthal ‘Furious' Over Airport Delay
05:04 300 Unaccompanied Afghan Kids Registered
05:55 Pregnant Policewoman Killed: Taliban Accused
06:55 Afghan Male, Female Students Separated
07:09 EU Ambassador States Risks to Afghan Women
07:30 Taliban Vows To Ensure Women's Rights
07:57 Afghanistan's Female Orchestra Falls Silent
11:33 $1.2T DOD Budget Increase in 10 Yrs: Expert
13:02 U.S. Probing Reports of Oil Spills Post-Ida
14:08 NJ’s Largest Dairy Farm in Ruins After Storm
14:57 Tx Gov. To Sign Election Reform Bill
15:31 Democrats Set Ambitious Plans for Education
17:35 Biggest Remaining Confederate Statue Removal
18:18 Portland to Ban Texas Goods Over Abortion Law
19:51 California Getting Sued Over Prayer Policy
20:44 Ky. Lawsuit: Dozens of Workers Sue Hospital
23:09 $52m Worth Of Fake Cartier Jewelry Seized
26:03 Hearing Resume For Alleged 9/11 Plotters
26:47 9/11 Shanksville 20 Years Later
28:41 Climber's Body Recovered From Bolivian Peak
29:45 New German Ambassador to China Dies
30:45 Black Swan Visits Beijing's Tiananmen Square
34:25 Historic Trial Begins for 2015 Paris Attacks
36:58 Mh17 Murder Trial: Families Call for Justice
38:52 Belarus Protest Leader Given 11 Years in Prison
40:54 Israel: 6 Palestinian Prisoners Escape Prison
41:39 Venice to Charge Tourists for Entry
44:25 Surprise Birth of Two Lion Cubs in French Zoo
45:11 Big Health Benefits From a Small Adjustment

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Biden Admin Responds to Report of Taliban Blocking Americans; US Probing Reports of Oil Spills | NTD