The View From Here: Community Journalism in Phoenix

Published on 15 Sep 2021, 17:37
Local news coverage has been in decline for years, but there is a recent groundswell of media outlets trying to buck that trend. From innovative formats, including news-you-can-use services on WhatsApp, to devoting coverage to communities historically neglected by legacy news, new organizations are rethinking what local news can and should be. To discuss what these news trends mean and how they’ve manifested in the Southwest, ProPublica gathered an accomplished set of Arizona-based reporters.

Speakers include:
• Maria Polletta, staff reporter, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting
• P. Kim Bui, director of product and audience innovation, Arizona Republic
• Maritza L. Félix, independent journalist and founder of Conecta Arizona
• Amy Silverman, independent journalist and contributing editor for Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting
• Michael Squires, ProPublica’s Southwest editor (moderator)