Madison Cawthorn May Have Brought A Weapon To A School Board Meeting

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Published on 16 Sep 2021, 16:00
Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn is facing calls for investigation after photographs revealed that he may have brought a weapon to a North Carolina school board meeting this week. This is strictly forbidden by state law, and now Cawthorn's Democratic challenger is calling for an investigation to find out how and why this may have happened. The photographs are pretty clear, and sharp-eyed social media users were able to identify the kind of knife they believe Cawthorn had concealed in his wheelchair. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Freshmen Republican representative Madison Cawthorn has been attending school board meetings in North Carolina, ranting and raving about the governor and mask mandates. Now Madison Cawthorn does not have any children in school. He himself did not even attend public school. So ostensibly, he has no dog in this fight, right. You know, he's not fighting for his kids. He's not fighting for his, his legacy in public schools. He's just going to cause a commotion because that's all the guy knows how to do. But his opponent, a Democrat by the name of Jay Carey noticed something when Madison Cawthorn showed up at a recent school board meeting. On the back of his wheelchair, it was a, what appears to be a knife. That would be illegal if Madison Cawthorn went into that school board meeting under North Carolina law, with that knife in his wheelchair.

Now the super PAC group Fire Madison was actually able to identify the kind of knife that they believe Cawthorn had underneath his wheelchair there. You can see it right there in the tweet. There's a picture of what appears to be the knife. And then of course there is the knife you can buy that looks pretty much identical to the handle sticking out from under the wheelchair. Now there's a good chance here that Madison Cawthorn did not do this maliciously, right? Obviously that thing is mounted underneath his wheelchair. Clearly, it's a thing that I guess he just does and has there, however, you still can't bring it in, accident or not, that would be illegal if that is in fact a weapon. So now you have that super PAC Fire Madison is asking the sheriffs in the area to investigate what happened, whether or not this was a knife, whether or not Cawthorn knew that he had it on him when he came into the meeting, you know, because that could be a massive safety violation.

It doesn't matter that the guy's a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives. It doesn't matter that he's in a wheelchair. You can not have a weapon on you in these school board meetings or on any school property in the state of North Carolina. Therefore yes, there should be an investigation to determine whether or not that is what happened there. But let's not let that distract us from the other fact and that is that Madison Cawthorn is trying to distract school boards from the fact that they need to protect their students. We are watching as child COVID cases around this country continue to rise. All over the country. And of course it all coincides with children going back to school in areas without mask mandates. This was predictable. This was preventable. And Madison Cawthorn is out there still making an of himself, trying to fight on behalf of the virus.