[Trailer] Top Scientists Publicly Dismissed Lab Leak Theory, But Privately Said it Could Be True

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Published on 16 Sep 2021, 20:44
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Virologist and “Scientist of the Year” Edward Holmes admitted before the world that he delayed releasing vital genomic data in the crucial early days of the #Covid outbreak due to “pressure” from the Chinese Communist Party.

Holmes, who has a long history of collaborating with #Wuhan scientists, made this shocking admission at a function held in his honor this year.

But he failed to tell the audience about his role in publicly initiating the Natural Origins Narrative when he was privately “80% sure the virus came out of a lab.”

Holmes wasn’t alone. Kristian Andersen, Holmes’ coauthor of the infamous Proximal Origin letter, publicly said that a lab leak was a crackpot theory while he privately said he was “60 to 70 percent” sure the #virus came from a laboratory.

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[Trailer] Top Scientists Publicly Dismissed Lab Leak Theory, But Privately Said it Could Be True
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