What Percentage Of Covid Hospitalizations Are Unvaxxed?

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Published on 16 Sep 2021, 21:00
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The vast majority of Pennsylvanians who have contracted the coronavirus in 2021 were not vaccinated, state officials said Tuesday, releasing new data on infections they said should persuade all eligible residents to get their shots.

Through early September, there have been nearly 640,000 positive cases of COVID-19 across the state, close to 35,000 hospitalizations, and almost 6,500 deaths. But 97% of the deaths were in people who were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, according to state data, as were 95% of hospitalizations and 94% of confirmed cases.

“The vaccine is continuing to do its job even against more recent variants including the delta variant,” acting Health Secretary Alison Beam said at a news conference. “No vaccine has 100% efficacy, so post-vaccination cases are to be expected. It’s important to also remember that COVID-19 vaccines were developed to help people stay out of the hospital and avoid death, not just [avoid] positive cases.”


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