[244] Bringing Occupy Wall Street Back To Life (w/ Jay Ponti)

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Published on 16 Sep 2021, 21:30
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Jay Ponti is the author of the upcoming book "The Political Revolutionary's Handbook" and a proud participant in the global Occupy Movement. This Friday is the 10-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Ponti argues that this anniversary is an ideal moment for a popular movement to pick up again in the face of the many social problems we face today including accelerating climate change, growing wealth inequality, ascendant fascist groups, and racist police brutality.

Also in this episode:
Naomi Karavani reports on the latest attempt to use social justice activism for corporate branding. The announcement of a TV show called "The Activist" created commotion online last week. The show would've had celebrity judges compare the work of a group of selected activists and award the winners based on how well their campaigns performed online.
Jaffer Khan looks into the the US's grim farewell to the people of Afghanistan. After a suicide bombing killed 13 soldiers in Kabul President Biden promised retaliation. Then a drone strike killed the civilian family of an Afghan aid worker. This callous, arbitrary violence paints an allegory for the entire War on Terror.

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