Coughing Biden slammed for ‘hacking & gagging’ in tax speech as Psaki dodges questions on his health

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Published on 17 Sep 2021, 8:24
PRESIDENT Joe Biden was slammed on Thursday for "hacking and gagging" in his tax speech as White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged questions over his health.

Biden was interrupted with coughs as he delivered his remarks on the United States economy and blasted wealthy Americans and big corporations for not paying taxes.

His speech started out with a few coughs, as Biden excused himself and appeared to clear his throat.

Despite the occasional tickle in his throat, Biden continued on with his economy speech for approximately 23 minutes.

Biden told the nation: "I’m not out to punish anyone, I’m a capitalist.

"If you can make a million or a billion dollars, that’s great. God bless you. All I’m asking is you pay your fair share, pay your fair share, just like middle class folks do."

He added: "That isn't about raising their taxes. It is about the super wealthy finally begins to pay what they owe, what the existing tax code calls for. Just like hardworking Americans do all over this country every tax day.

"How’s it possible that the wealthiest billionaires in the country can entirely escape paying income taxes on what they make?" the president asked.

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Coughing Biden slammed for ‘hacking and gagging’ in tax speech as Psaki dodges questions over his health

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