Newsmax Host Screams At Veteran After He Criticizes Trump

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Published on 17 Sep 2021, 16:00
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Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield threw a legendary temper tantrum on the air this week when he guest offered very mild criticism of Donald Trump's actions regarding Afghanistan. Stinchfield demanded that the producers cut the guest off after he said that Trump didn't do a good job with Afghanistan, and Stinchfield made it clear that criticizing Trump was not allowed on his show and then proceeded to blame everything on President Biden. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this absolutely ridiculous display from the Newsmax host.

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Well folks we learned this week that there's just some things you cannot do on Newsmax and apparently one of those things is offer even the mildest of criticisms of Donald Trump. We learned that after host Grant Stinchfield, who is truly living up to that last name, cut off an army veteran who didn't agree with Stinchfield that Trump did a great job with Afghanistan. Stinchfield demanded that the guest be cut off. Here's what happened. Take a look.

Uh, I can tell you this, this didn't happen under president Trump. And I know there's a lot of people on the left that want to try to blame president Trump. He wanted out of Afghanistan real bad. He was real frustrated not being able to get out, but he didn't pull out because he knew this would happen. In fact, we all did. I called it on this program. My 12 year old son knew about it. And so, um, I've got Americans there that are stuck. To me that's a hostage situation, but Joe, I appreciate you working to get them out. I really do. And I wish you all the luck in the world in getting out.

With due respect, yeah, with due respect Grant, I mean like veterans, you know, being one, right and our friends are over there. Um. Right. We follow this closely for multiple administrations and we know that Trump's administration's efforts here were fairly weak, that they were trying to limit the number of people that would get out. And so there was coordination problems for a long time.

Joe, I'm going to cut you off. I'm already, I'm already weak. I'm already low on time, Joe. Joe. Cut him off please cut him off now, cut him off now. You're not going to blame this on president Trump on my show. It's not happening now. I appreciate the work that you're doing. God bless you for being a veteran. God bless you for trying to get Americans out. But don't come on his program and take the talking points of the left and blame President Trump. That's not helping anybody. To Biden administration screwed this up from the very start. You know it. I know it. The country knows it.

Not on my show. Really, Grant? Like no criticism at all of Donald Trump is allowed on your program. I mean, can we just be real about what this is for a second. Newsmax via Grant Stinchfield just there, right there. What they did was they admitted we're pure propaganda. We're pure propaganda Mr. Army veteran, who lived this experience that Grant Stinchfield can only talk about. You can't come on here and spout truths. You can't say that Trump also did bad. And to Stinchfield's point here though, oh, Trump wanted to do it. He just knew it would be bad. So he didn't. No he didn't, you dumb. He put a 14 month timetable in place and then he was no longer president to finalize it, to finish it, to do the actual withdrawal. Had he been president, Grant, he would have done it. He wanted to. He is the guy who put all the wheels in motion here and you're acting like, oh no, no, no, no. He chose not to. No, he didn't choose not to. He actually for once was living up to a contract that he signed. I know that seems unreal for Donald Trump. But that's what he was doing.