White House Offers To Call Nicki Minaj To Explain How Vaccines Work

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Published on 17 Sep 2021, 17:00
Following her bizarre claim about vaccine side effects this week, the White House has offered to have one of their doctors call rapper Nicki Minaj to explain to her how vaccines work and what are and are NOT potential side effects. Minaj created quite a controversy this week when she claimed that her cousin's friend in Trinidad suffered STD-like symptoms from the vaccine and lost his fiance as a result, and everyone was quick to point out that the most obvious culprit was adultery. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.  

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Well folks, I avoided it for as long as possible, but it looks like I'm going to have to talk about Nicki Minaj's cousins friends testicles. Um, in case you're not familiar with this story, if you haven't been on social media, uh, and you haven't watched Fox news this week, because they're all over this story. What happened was earlier in this week, rapper Nicki Minaj comes out on Twitter and she says that her cousin's friend in Trinidad, had his fiance cancel the wedding because he allegedly after getting his COVID-19 vaccine developed impotence and swollen testicles, and now his fiance doesn't want to marry him because, you know, the testicle thing, I guess. Um, everybody on social media, including medical professionals were quick to point out, um, this is actually a symptom of an STD. So what likely happened, Nicki, was that your cousin's friend had an affair and the fiance probably found out after the STD and then said, okay, well we're not going to get married.

And yes, impotence and swollen testicles as medical professionals have pointed out are common symptoms with at least two different sexually transmitted diseases. So yeah, it's never been reported as a side effect from any of the COVID-19 vaccines. So if you hear hoof prints, it's best to think horse, not zebra as Nicki Minaj did. But again, Fox news jumped all over this. Tucker Carlson covered it four nights in a row, four nights in a row. He has talked about Nicki Minaj cousin's friends testicles in Trinidad. He even had Nicki Minaj on the program. Well, not to be outdone, the Biden White House this week extended an offer to Nicki Minaj saying, we will connect you with actual medical professionals on a phone call so they can explain to you how the vaccine works, what some actual potential side effects are and so you stop spreading this ridiculous misinformation that you got, you know, from a third hand source and you're clearly not even getting the whole story.

The White House itself had to reach out to this musician to say, we are willing to have a call with you to set the record straight. Who knows if the call is going to take place. So far as we know it has not happened. But this has led of course, to Fox news jumping on this, all the people laughing at Nicki Minaj for making such an idiotic statement. Fox news has covered that as well, saying that, oh, look at the Democrats. They just want black people to be in line with them and not speak out and not yada. They're trying to claim the reverse racism card on the Democratic party all because we're making fun of somebody who said something incredibly stupid to millions of people on social media. There is no part of me that thinks that the cousin's friend in Trinidad got this reaction from the vaccine. Medical professionals do not believe this person got swollen testicles from the vaccine. I can't believe I actually had to address this issue, but there it is. Let's put it to rest and hopefully never again will we ever have to talk about swollen testicles here on Ring of Fire.