Jake Tapper Calls Out Mississippi Governor To His Face For Being A Total Failure

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Published on 20 Sep 2021, 17:00
CNN host Jake Tapper called out Mississippi's Republican governor Tate Reeves to his face for being a complete failure on the pandemic, and Reeves was left almost speechless afterwards. Tapper pointed out that if Mississippi were a country, it would be the second worst in the world in COVID death rate. Reeves doesn't seem to care and only wanted to rant and rave about Biden's vaccine mandates, that could have saved thousands of lives in Mississippi and other Red States that keep fighting safety measures. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican Mississippi governor Tate Reeves appeared on State of the Union on CNN with Jake Tapper this past weekend to defend his state's actions in combating, or I guess it's probably more apt to say not combating, the Coronavirus pandemic that is starting to surge once again in the state of Mississippi. And Tate Reeves offered all kinds of lies. He went on and on about Joe Biden's mask, or excuse me, vaccine mandates and how it's illegal, even though it's not. And then Jake Tapper did something very good. He called out Republican Mississippi governor Tate Reeves to his face and told him essentially that you're failing your state, governor. Take a look at Jake Tapper. This is one of the better clips I've seen from CNN in a long time. Here it is.

Let's talk about what you and the legislature in Mississippi is doing, because I'm sure I don't need to tell you Mississippi this week became the state with the worst number of coronavirus deaths per capita. In fact, if Mississippi were its own country, you would be second in the world only to Peru in terms of deaths per capita. That's a horrible, horrible, heartbreaking statistic. So with all due respect, governor, your way is failing. Are you going to try to change anything to change this horrible statistic from what you're doing already?

Yeah, well obviously the, in Mississippi, our legislature is a part-time legislature. Sometimes I wonder if in a, in America, if our Congress was part-time, we wouldn't be in a better position.

If Mississippi were its own country, they would have the second highest per capita death rate on the planet from COVID-19. And I love how Reeves just kind of sits there, is like, well, blah, blah, blah. Like he has no response for that because Republicans like this are not used to being challenged. And honestly, CNN's not used to challenging these officials. So I do applaud Jake Tapper for doing that. And I wish more networks had the, uh, you know, backbone to do things like this. Right. Isn't this what the media is supposed to be? And I'm not saying Jake Tapper is a great guy, a great journalist, any of that. I'm just saying in that particular clip where Jake Tapper confronted this man with the facts and called him out, isn't that what cable news was supposed to be? That's what we should all strive to have on our TVs from these networks, instead of it just being cheerleaders for the left or cheerleaders for the right.

How about impartial jurors who call out when people are lying them and present them with the facts because that's what needs to happen. As for Tate Reeves, absolutely, his policies are pro COVID. He is allowing the virus to ravage his state. People are dying left and right. And all he can do is and moan about Joe Biden because that's all these Republicans want to do. They don't want to offer any solutions. They don't want to protect their people for fear, you know, of, of off the crazies, the anti maskers, the anti-vaxxers, even though that is a very small minority of people in any given state. These Republican governors are frozen with fear for making these lunatics angry. They think somehow that's going to backfire on them as if sending thousands of your own voters to an early grave isn't going to have electoral consequences for them.