Republicans FURIOUS That No Lawmakers Showed Up To Pathetic Weekend Rally

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Published on 20 Sep 2021, 18:00
The "Justice for J6" rally was this past weekend, and in spite of the heightened security in DC, the rally was a complete bust that was only attended by a few hundred rallygoers. In fact, there were more police officers than actual attendees. Those who did show up expressed their anger over the fact that not a single Republican lawmaker showed up to the rally, not even those who have been trying to capitalize politically on the theme - Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Louie Gohmert were all conspicuously missing from the crowd. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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So on Saturday folks, we had the long awaited Justice for J6 rally in Washington, DC. You know, the days before that rally security was beefed up at the Capitol, we had the fences going up, the barricades, we had more and more cops coming in. There were reports that the national guard might even be mobilized. Reporters from all over the country descended on DC. So you've got all these cops, you've got all these reporters, just waiting there to watch what was going to happen at this Justice for J6 rally. And, uh, not, not many people showed up. Uh, official estimates say maybe 400 to possibly upwards of 450 individuals showed up, which is actually only about two thirds. The total number of people that were arrested in the original Capitol riot. So we arrested more people in the first Capitol riot, than even attended this Justice for J6 rally.

But you know what, the attendees, they didn't let it get to them, right? They had a couple hundred people there. They were happy about that. But one thing them off and that thing is the fact that not one single Republican lawmaker showed up. No, not Matt Gaetz, not Marjorie Taylor Greene, not Bob Gosar, not Louie Gohmert. None of those people who've made a big spectacle of how poorly, allegedly, these Capitol rioters are being treated in prison. Let's not forget it wasn't that long ago that Gaetz and Greene and Gohmert showed up at a jail unannounced and then made a big press conference about not being allowed in the jail. We can't see the conditions these people are being held in. Oh my God, it's horrible. We need to save these people, calling them political prisoners.

And then here, they had a real opportunity to show up, you know, to actually express their support for these people that have been arrested and, uh, they weren't there and it was noticed by their followers. But I mean, honestly, can you blame them? Can you blame Matt Gaetz or Greene or Gohmert or Gosar for not showing up at this ridiculous event? See, for the first time ever, these individuals actually played it smart, right? If they had shown up at this sparsely attended rally, not only would they have been mocked from here to eternity, but had things gone sideways as basically everybody had predicted it would, excuse me, but had things gone sideways, those lawmakers would have been right at the heart of it. Right. You know, they would be the ones the media was focusing on had these Justice for J6 rally goers become violent.

Had they done anything out of the ordinary. It would have been pinned on those lawmakers. So, you know, just purely nonpartisan speaking here, it was a smart decision for none of these lawmakers to show up to this event. It was a non event really, but the Capitol had to be protected. We've seen what these lunatics can do. So I'm glad they beefed up security. I'm glad we had all of these reporters out there, even though the event turned out to be a dud, everything that needed to happen behind the scenes did happen. And that's a good thing. We wanted the reporters there in case something did, you know, happen. We wanted the law enforcement there in case these people did get violent.