Iraq War Vet DERAILS George W. Bush Speech

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Published on 23 Sep 2021, 19:00
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"Nearly 20 years ago in July 2002, I sat behind then-President George W. Bush as he gave a speech to my Army unit, the 10th Mountain Division. Less than a year later I was in Iraq, on Bush’s orders, as part of the U.S. invasion.

Tonight as Bush spoke at a so-called “Distinguished Speaker Series” event in Beverly Hills — with the cheapest tickets starting at over $500 — I again watched from the crowd before confronting the event. Primarily, I demanded he apologize for the 1 million or more dead, who are only dead because of his lies and his crimes.

When George W. Bush took the nation to war in Iraq, he did so with full knowledge that Iraq possessed none of the weapons of mass destruction he told the country he knew existed. He did so with full knowledge that Iraq posed no threat to the people of the United States"

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