Trump Praises Marjorie Taylor Greene As ‘Really Smart’ During Bizarre Cult Rally

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Published on 27 Sep 2021, 16:00
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During his latest cult rally this past weekend, Donald Trump made a series of bizarre claims, but none were as absurd as his claim that Marjorie Taylor Greene was a "really smart" person. Just days before Trump made this claim, Taylor Greene went to the floor of Congress using internet memes to try to paint the Green New Deal as a Communist plot, and that was just the latest in her long line of stupid behavior. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump went to the state of Georgia, held a rally and a wow, was it a doozy. It's been quite awhile since Donald Trump has actually done a rally. So of course he had to get out a lot of crazy that's been building up over the last few weeks and he really didn't disappoint. Uh, so there's gonna be lots of different segments today, by the way, talking about some of his most outrageous claims, but let's start with the first, the thing that really stood out as possibly the dumbest thing Donald Trump's ever said, and I'll let him explain it. Here he is.

And a person who's very low key, a person who I got to know really well, a person that the press does not treat fairly. And I will tell you right now, just at a sense, she's really tough and she's really, really smart. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Very smart. They don't like to say that, do they? Huh? They know that she is smart as hell. She knows what's going on. She knows.

She's really smart. The woman who didn't understand how bad the Holocaust was, the woman who literally days before this even happened was using internet memes to try to paint the green new deal as communist, the woman who has now at least twice attempted to impeach president Joe Biden for no reason, is really smart. There are lots of words you could use to describe Marjorie Taylor Greene, smart is not one of them. Not, not even close. But it's another thing that Trump said, by the way, about Marjorie Taylor Greene that stuck out to me as even worse than his statement that she's very smart. He said, quote, she is very low key. Very low key. Yeah. Marjorie Taylor Greene. So low key you don't even notice her, right? This is the individual who has been seen on tape walking down the halls of Congress, harassing other members of Congress. Hell two days, actually, no, it was the day before this rally she's on the Capitol steps screaming at Debbie Dingell. She had to be pulled away. This is not a low key individual. And Trump saying these things, uh, I'm actually reacting the exact way that he wanted people to react here.

That's what this was all about. Does Trump mean any of these things he's saying about Marjorie Taylor Greene? Absolutely not. Why would he? He knows he has her in his pocket. He doesn't have to shower her with praise. He says these things because he knows the media is going to pick up on them and they're again, going to react the way I am here because there's such and outlandish statements. So yes, I will admit that I'm playing into exactly what he wanted me to play into. But at the same time, I'm really not going to let you sit there and call Marjorie Taylor Greene a really smart person when we all know that she's not. Now the worst part about all of that obviously is that she's not even the dumbest member of Congress. Definitely not. That would have to be, I think, uh, in my opinion, either Louie Gohmert or Lauren Boebert, carries that mantle because Marjorie Taylor Greene, while she's not intelligent, she is a little bit calculated. You got to give her that right. But she is not smart. She sure as hell isn't low key. And Donald Trump knew he could get a rise out of the press by heaping this praise on her.