Struggling Florida Governor To Investigate Facebook To Distract From His Terrible Record

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Published on 28 Sep 2021, 19:00
Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced on Monday that he was directing his Secretary of State to investigate Facebook for potential election interference. His claims are weak, at best, and the real reason that he is going this route is because he needs a distraction from the horrible job he is doing in the state, and attacking Big Tech has become red meat to low-information Republican voters. But he'd better hope the investigation doesn't actually happen, because it would likely end up backfiring big time on the Republicans, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.  

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Florida governor Ron DeSantis is struggling to come up with a way to save his failing governorship. We've seen his approval ratings tank. Right now in polls against his two Democratic challengers, Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist, he loses to both of them. Plenty of time before the midterms, those numbers are going to change. So he doesn't really have to worry about that. But he does need to do something to shore up that Republican base in his state. And yesterday he made an announcement that he thinks is going to be red meat for that conservative base. He announced that he was instructing his secretary of state, Ms. Laurel Lee, to go out there and investigate Facebook for potential election interference. That's a pretty serious charge, election interference, and we know it's a serious charge because Donald Trump's actually being investigated for it over in Georgia.

So yeah, that is something people take seriously. So Ron, come at us, man, give me the facts. What do you have on Facebook to suggest that they actually interfered with US elections? They should all be put in jail, right? Uh, no. You see, Ron DeSantis is basing this new, uh, investigation on a report from the Wall Street Journal that said that during the 2020 election and the run-up to it, Facebook's crosscheck program, which is supposed to be their fact checking thing, which is mostly run by right-wingers by the way, let's not forget that. Anyway, cross-check decided that there were a few individuals in this country, celebrities, media personalities, and of course, some incumbent politicians, that they just weren't even going to bother fact-checking. You know, they got white listed is what the report from Wall Street Journal says. Said they were white listed.

And according to Ron DeSantis, oh, this may amount to election interference. And I am dying to know how that works, Ron? How, how, how does that work out to be election interference? See Ron, here's the thing, buddy. Nobody in this country has a right, has a legal right to be on Facebook. Nobody in this country has a legal right to run ads on Facebook. Facebook is not a constitutionally protected institution here in the United States. And therefore, if they let some people on, if they fact check some and not others, whatever, you can't do anything about that. There is literally nothing you can do. And no that's not election interference. That's like saying a candidate who didn't have enough money to run television ads, oh, I'm going to accuse my, my competitor of election interference because they ran ads on television and I didn't have enough money to do it.

Yeah, you, you can't do that. It's the same thing here. Just because candidate gets fact-checked on Facebook and the other doesn't, sure, it means Facebook might be skewed one way or another. And I'll get to that in a moment because we do know which way Facebook is skewed. But it's not interference because it's a private company. And it's a private company that's not putting the money into the election. They're taking the money from the candidates to run these ads. But here's the thing and this is why Ron DeSantis may want to double think this, right.