Matt Gaetz Hires Epstein Lawyer As Indictments Become Real Possibility

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Published on 28 Sep 2021, 20:00
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A new report from The Daily Beast has revealed that Matt Gaetz has lawyered up as the probe into his behavior continues, and one of the lawyers that he picked to represent him actually represented Jeffrey Epstein. If this is what Gaetz is going with that certainly isn't a positive sign for him, and it shows that he is in need of someone experienced in handling those type of accusations. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what Gaetz's legal hires could mean for the future of the Florida Congressman.

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A new report from the Daily Beast yesterday really makes it seem like Matt Gaetz is expecting to be indicted. This new report from the Beast shows that Matt Gaetz, even though the investigation is being conducted from Orlando, Florida has hired three lawyers from the state of New York to represent him. Now, two of the lawyers are innocuous enough, but one of them really stands out as possibly problematic and also emblematic of what Matt Gaetz thinks is coming down the pipeline because the lawyer happens to be Marc Fernich, an individual who in the past had represented Jeffrey Epstein. You know, the guy that was eventually convicted for child sex trafficking. So probably not, probably not the best look for you, Matt Gaetz, when you say, huh, I need an expert in handling trial, child sex trafficking cases. That really gives up the game a little bit, right?

It shows that at the very least, you expect to be charged with that. And let's not forget what happened with Matt Gaetz just one of the very many things that he is being investigated for is they're trying to find out whether or not he traveled with a 17 year old across state lines and paid her for sex. Now, instead of that just being regular prostitution, thanks to new anti-human trafficking laws here in the United States, if you travel across state lines with an underage individual that you pay for sex, or even an individual not underage that you pay for sex, that is considered to be human trafficking at this point. It ups the penalty for that, obviously about a decade more in prison. So that's why Matt Gaetz is facing that particular charge because based on the investigation, they're trying to see if he did cross state lines for the 17 year old he paid for sex.

So that out of the way, hiring somebody who handles these kinds of things, isn't a precautionary measure. And that's what folks need to understand. You do that, you go out and you hire the expert in these, in this field when you think you're going to be charged with it, or sometimes after you have been charged with it. Matt Gaetz has been a little more outspoken recently about the investigation against him, particularly trying to paint the extortion plot, which also picked up some steam last week. But he's trying to use the extortion plot to see, hey, look at me. I was extorted. Obviously none of this is true because clearly the guy that was trying to extort my family has been arrested, but that actually doesn't speak one way or another to your guilt or innocence. I mean, to be honest, if anything, to me, it kind of makes you look more guilty just because the extortion plot to rehash all of that again, folks, because this has been going on for awhile.

And I know people forget about these things. But the extortion plot was, you had Alford down here in Florida, went to the Gaetz family and said, hey, uh, $25 million. I know your son is facing a pretty nasty investigation here. I'll secure him a presidential pardon, but I need the 25 million because I got to get my friend Bob Levinson out of Iran. And then the Gaetz family of course reported it to the FBI. That guy has now been arrested. But he knew about the investigation into Gaetz. And he wasn't saying, he'll make the investigation go away.