Tory conference: The three issues set to overshadow Boris Johnson's victory lap | Analysis

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Published on 3 Oct 2021, 9:00
Reality threatens to intervene as Boris Johnson hoped the Conservative Party Conference would be a belated opportunity for him to enjoy a victory lap for his election success.

That is according to Lucy Fisher, The Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor, who sees three issues set to overshadow the Prime Minister’s victory lap.

“A cost of living crisis looms; the party is likely to want to tackle him about his recent manifesto-busting tax rise; and party members from the traditional Tory shires are likely to challenge him over what they see as his overemphasis on the ‘red wall’,” she explains in the video above.

She added that Mr Johnson will be “acutely aware” of Keir Starmer’s moves at the Labour conference.

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