Leaked videos from Putin’s prisons show ‘rape & mutilation’

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Published on 7 Oct 2021, 14:45
LEAKED video has revealed the full horror of “torture conveyer belt” prisons in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

The sickening footage appears to shows rape and mutilation in the hellhole jails and was leaked by anti-torture campaigners.

One video too disturbing the Sun has chosen not to include, shows a naked man screaming in pain as he is tied to a bed and violated with a mop handle at a tuberculosis hospital in a Saratov jail.

The footage has reportedly led to the head of Russia’s FSIN prison service quitting.

Russian prisons are notoriously brutal and reports surfaced earlier this year detailing how prisoners were subject to electric shocks and had clamps attached to their penises.

A Putin-backed sadist dubbed 'The Maniac' allegedly ran a prison in war-torn Ukraine which had dungeons where victims were mutilated with surgical tools.

The new footage - which again, The Sun has chosen not to show due to its graphic nature – also shows one prisoner urinating on another inmate.

Prisoners are also seen carrying out rapes in the February 2020 footage, revealed by campaigners Gulagu.Net.

Vladimir Osechkin, who runs the group, accused the Russian authorities of running a “torture conveyor belt”.

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Inside Putin’s ‘torture conveyor belt’ prisons as leaked videos ‘show horrifying rape and mutilation’

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