Cambo protesters splatter Boris Johnson statue with oil

Published on 11 Oct 2021, 14:13
Campaigners chained themselves to an oil-splattered statue of Boris Johnson outside Downing Street to protest against a controversial new drilling site.

Demonstrators from Greenpeace led a protest of around 40 people, with 16 locked onto barrels and the mock statue of the Prime Minister while others held banners reading “Boris: Stop Cambo”.

The group called for the Government to end the UK’s reliance on oil and to urge Mr Johnson not to sign off on a new drilling permit at Cambo oilfield, west of Shetland.

There had been at least three arrests during the protest, with more expected as protesters continue to be cut out of their chains by police.

The 90kg statue, created by artist Hugo Farmer, is accompanied by a sign that reads: “Cambo oilfield: Boris Johnson’s monumental climate failure”, and Mr Johnson’s hands are completely covered in black oil.

The Government looks set to go ahead with the plans, which if approved, according to campaign group Stop Cambo, the site would produce 170 million barrels of oil and generate emissions equivalent to the annual carbon pollution from 18 coal-fired power stations.

The protest comes amid a UK-wide oil price crisis, which saw widespread shortages across the nation due to a lack of lorry drivers and caused panic buying and huge travel disruption.

Also, a series of global gas supply issues has led to multiple gas suppliers going bust and significant price increases for people across the entire UK.