Corporate Judges Side With Oil Giant Chevron & Biden's Decision To Ration Covid Regeneron Treatment

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Published on 14 Oct 2021, 15:00
Via America’s Lawyer: Chevron was ordered to pay $9 billion back in 2011 after countless gallons of contaminants flooded the Ecuadorian rainforest. But the oil company has spent the last decade corporatizing the U.S. court system in order to prosecute Steven Donziger, the attorney who spent years representing tens of thousands of Ecuadorians whose community was devastated by toxic wastewater. Also, Republican lawmakers in Florida fight back against the federal rationing of COVID-19 antibody treatments. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss more.

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Powerful corporations and politicians have been using the legal system to target plaintiff's lawyers for years and Steven Donziger, well, he's become the latest in a long line of lawyers who were prosecuted for taking on corporations.
The prosecutor came from a Chevron law firm, private prosecutor, subject to no supervision by the department of justice. The judge, Preska, leader of the Chevron funded federalist society and judge Kaplan who charged me never recused himself. He has investments in Chevron. I was completely surrounded by Chevron in this trial. On top of that, there are two main witnesses where Chevron lawyers from a second Chevron law firm, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, who had worked and enriched themselves for 10 years going after me on the civil side. They were the witnesses against me, and they were hiding behind their privileges with Chevron to not give us their bills. They obviously had a financial incentive to go after me. We never even knew how much Chevron had paid them, how much time they had spent assisting this private Chevron prosecutor preparing her legal filings. Um, and, but it was very clear that Chevron had spent, invested millions of dollars in my criminal prosecution, while professing to the public they had nothing to do with the case. I mean, they just lied about it, openly.
Farron Cousins from the trial lawyer magazine joins me to talk about what happened. Let me, let me lay it out for you. This Donziger hits Chevron for creating what has been described as an Amazon Chernobyl. They dumped 18 billion, 18 billion gallons of toxins into the waterways, into the backyards of three indigenous tribes there, causing cancer, leukemia, childbirth. This lawyer takes them on down in Ecuador, which is almost impossible to begin with, hits them for $9 billion. Tries to come back United States and enforce the verdict. What did the judges do to this guy?
Oh, the judges immediately say, oh, well, we're pretty sure you've bribed all these courts down there in Ecuador. Uh, so we're going to prosecute you instead. We're going to try to throw out this massive ruling that you got against Chevron here and, you know, to talk about the scope of what Chevron was doing down there in Ecuador, it's been described as 30 times the size of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and this happened over the span of decades. Chevron was allowed to operate in Ecuador with little to no oversight at all. And Donziger spent years down there working with these tribes, documenting all of the cancers and all of the other maladies that these people were suffering from, worked his tail off to finally get them justice and the US justice system had said, instead says, nope, we don't like you going after corporations. We're gonna take you.
Okay, Tell, now, you know, right, what's out here right now. One of the big stories is that judges, federal judges, state judges at every level are not recusing themselves from cases. I don't have any information to say these two judges Kaplan and the other judge should've recused themselves. But it, it, to, to have this guy spend two years in house arrest and then have this other judge say, well, you're going to be, you're going to you go to jail for six months. Chevron did all this to this guy, didn't they?
Yeah, absolutely. And, and the main judge in question here is judge Preska.

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