Wisconsin Attorney General Rails Against Trump Inspired State Election Audit

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Published on 14 Oct 2021, 16:00
Republicans in Wisconsin have successfully launched an audit of the state's 2020 election results, but Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul says that the entire thing is a scam. He called for the "fake investigation" to be shut down earlier this week, but Republicans are refusing to budge because they want to make Donald Trump happy. The Republican Party is lost, and they will forever be auditing any election where they don't get the results that they had hoped for, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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This week Wisconsin's Democrat attorney general, man, by the name of Josh Kaul told reporters that the ballot audit that Republicans in his state have been pushing is a complete sham. It's a fraud and that it should be shut down immediately. So in case you're not familiar with what's happening here, Wisconsin, which you know, is controlled by the Democrats, but the Republicans have enough power in the state legislature to force a ballot audit. There's not enough evidence of fraud to actually warrant any kind of investigation, but Donald Trump wanted an investigation. And of course, they've got a pander to Trump. So they launched this ballot audit. And the attorney general is now speaking out about it pretty plain and simple, right? Republicans want an audit because they want to appease Trump. They have no reason to suspect that there was widespread fraud, other than they wanted Trump to win.

He didn't win the state. He gets his way, Republicans push for this audit. They get it. And now of course the Democrats are off, but it's not as simple as that folks. We know the same thing that attorney general call knows. It's a farce it's Republicans trying to prove something that doesn't actually exist, which is widespread voter fraud in the state of Wisconsin. But this is how elections work. Now we may hate it and we do, it may be stupid, which it is, it may be a giant waste of taxpayer money, which it absolutely is, but this is how Republicans are going to operate moving forward. And unfortunately in states where Republicans control the legislature, they're going to have their way they're going to do this. And at this point, I don't know what we do to stop it. And at this point, I don't even know if we should stop it.

I mean, the obvious answer is yes, we should. You know, we have to have faith in these institutions. These institutions do have to work properly, but we already have systems of checks and balances to make sure that they're working properly. And yes, there's problems with voting machines that Democrats have been talking about literally for decades now that have not yet been addressed. The hackability, if that's even a word of these machines is a very serious problem. Voting databases being hacked is a very serious problem, but Republicans ignored those problems until they thought they could use it to their advantages. If they thought election security was actually really that important, they would have forced Mitch McConnell to pass the billions of dollars in election integrity funding. The Democrats were pushing

During the Trump years, but McConnell repeatedly refused to do it. Wouldn't even bring it to the vote, to the floor, to vote in the Senate. So we could have had safer elections. We could have had more secure elections, but it was Republicans who blocked it. Now it's Republicans who were about it, even though they're about something that didn't even happen, but that's American democracy for you. Now, this is what it is now. We're, we're not going to escape this. We're not going to get around it. We just have to deal with it until we can get laws in place that say, when you lack evidence, you don't get to launch an investigation until then we got to deal with Republicans caving into Donald Trump and forcing their states to waste millions of dollars auditing elections that they know were fair.