Ron DeSantis Is Paying His New Vaccine Resistant Surgeon General TWICE As Much As His Predecessor

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Published on 14 Oct 2021, 18:00
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reportedly given his new, hand-picked surgeon general a 50% pay raise over his predecessor who left the job just one month ago. This new surgeon general has expressed skepticism at the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines, and has openly questioned whether or not masks are effective at slowing transmission. He's exactly what DeSantis wanted, and he is being handsomely rewarded for his ignorance. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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It was revealed this week that Florida's new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Lopatto is going to be paid 50% more than his predecessor. Uh, former surgeon general riff keys, a 50% pay increase from the guy that just left the job a month ago. That is a hell of a raise. I don't care what industry you're in. If you're making 50% more than the guy that just had the job you've taken. Wow. Hey, good for you. Right. Except of course, it's very obvious why governor Ron DeSantis is, uh, paying this guy more. And it's because Lopatto is we have discussed in segments in the past, uh, is vaccine hesitant. You can't necessarily call them anti-vax although he has, you know, spewed quite a few anti-vax talking points, calling into question, the safety and efficacy of the vaccine saying he's not even really sure if it actually prevents COVID. He is called into question the safety of masks, which by the way, is actually the number one reason why DeSantis hired this guy. And I get more to that in a moment. And unfortunately, uh, surgeon general Lopatto there checks all the right boxes in terms of qualifications. We're talking Harvard medical school, the guy was a renowned physician. Like he was a good, good doctor.

Then he became an idiot, you know, threw his hat in with those other crazed anti-vax doctors, uh, that Donald Trump had retweeted, uh, in the earlier days of the pandemic, uh, Lopatto wasn't necessarily saying the same stupid stuff. They were, he was saying more mild, stupid stuff. That wasn't as crazy as the alien semen woman, who was also a part of that doctor's group, by the way. But again, to go back to the original thing, the mask part, Lopatto questioning the efficacy and the safety of masks. That's why DeSantis hired him. Cause DeSantis, as we all know, banned mask mandates here in the state of Florida, I say here, I'm currently not in Florida, but in the state of Florida.

And he needed a surgeon general, that was going to be able to go to court because of the lawsuits. DeSantis is facing over those bands to tell the court that NA mass don't work master stupid. You don't need them. It doesn't protect you from anything. That's why this guy was hired. And that is why he is making 50% more than his predecessor. It's simple folks, you follow the money, you get your answers. And that is exactly what we're finding out. Now. Ron DeSantis went out there and pick the guy that he knew would go out there and say the dumbest imaginable. And he's being paid handsomely to do it.