Eating Less Meat Helps The Environment. Here's How To Start | Life Kit | NPR

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Published on 15 Oct 2021, 10:15
Each week, people in the U.S. eat the equivalent of three burgers' worth of beef. (Only about 5% of Americans consider themselves vegetarians and 3% vegans, according to a 2019 Gallup poll.) If Americans reduced that consumption by half, it could have a major impact on creating a more sustainable food system, according to projections from the World Resources Institute. Makes Meatless Mondays sound like a pretty good idea.

Wondering where to start? Watch for tips from NPR's Life Kit podcast on designing meals that are lighter in meat, but still rich in flavor from public health nutritionist and author Tracye McQuirter. #nprlifekit

• Find two meatless, flavorful recipes from McQuirter here: LINK
• Read or listen to: "Headline of Story" at LINK


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