Bryony Gordon's Mad World: Nile Rodgers | Podcast

Published on 16 Oct 2021, 8:15
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Legendary musician and producer Nile Rodgers joins Bryony for the first episode of this special series of Mad World.

This Addiction Awareness Week, Bryony has teamed up with Action on Addiction and the Forward Trust to bring you a conversation each day tackling a different element of addiction. Because even though we are slowly breaking down the stigma around discussing mental health, addiction - sadly - remains a taboo, even though we will all know someone touched by it.

Listen as Nile tells Bryony how he grew up surrounded by the illness, describes the euphoria of his first gig playing sober, and shares how Keith Richards was the unlikely inspiration for his sobriety.

Action on Addiction is a UK charity providing support to people who need rehab, as well as a wealth of resources for those battling addiction issues:

You can find more information about organisations that offer free and confidential support at the end of this episode.

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