Idaho Official Says He's Billing MyPillow CEO For Tricking State Into Conducting Worthless Audit

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Published on 16 Oct 2021, 17:00
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell sent a packet of information to Idaho officials last month titled "The Big Lie," and it purported that there was massive voter fraud in the state of Idaho. Without hesitation, Republican officials immediately launched ballot audits only to discover that Biden actually gained more votes, just like in Arizona but to a smaller degree. Now the Secretary of State is furious, and says that he's sending Lindell the bill for these bogus audits. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Idaho's chief executive secretary of state announced recently that following a ballot audit that his state conducted that was conducted obviously at great expense to them, he's thinking about billing Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, for making his state conduct this audit. Here's what happened in case you're not familiar with the state of Idaho and their little ballot recount, which they managed to do in, you know, less than one sixth the time that cyber ninjas did the Maricopa county audit. And here's what happened. In early September, Mike Lindell goes to the state of Idaho, Republican controlled state. Trump won the state by 31 points. So it's a red state. But either way, Mike Lindell shows up, talks to legislators and he says, hey, listen, I got this report here. It's called the big lie. That's what he titled his little report. And it shows evidence of voter fraud all over the state of Idaho.

You just take it and then you go and you conduct your audit. And those Republicans were like, oh my God, hell yeah, we're going to investigate this immediately. And they immediately launched into a ballot audit that much like the Arizona ballot audit proved that Joe Biden actually had more votes than what were originally counted. Now, granted, that one was only eight, it was only eight vote difference. Whereas Arizona was a 300 one, but sure, eight is eight. So here's the thing. You have chief deputy, deputy secretary of state, Chad Hoke, who is a Republican and he's running for a higher office in Idaho and Hoke at the time admitted that, hell yeah, he handed us all this. And we said, well, we got to make sure. So they look into this and then once it proved that, hey, there was no fraud, Hoke comes out and he says, oh, well, you know, I was skeptical of the whole thing from the start. You know, I didn't think there was obviously this kind of widespread fraud that Mike Lindell is saying.

And so, uh, we're preparing to send him the bill for this ballot audit that we conducted. That I knew, of course, you know, it was going to do nothing. What an hat, right? What an absolute imbecile. It's, look, I would love nothing more than for you to actually send Mike Lindell the bill for that. He deserves it. He absolutely should have to pay for forcing his fraud upon you. But don't sit there and act like, well, I knew from the start that nothing was there. I mean, come on. No, if you knew nothing was there, you would have laughed in his face. You would have thrown his report back at him and said, get the hell out of my office. But you didn't do that. None of the Republicans did that. You bought into the big lie and then when it proved that, oh, it really was a big lie, well, you know, really ironic title for his document. Maybe it was an autobiography. But you fell for it and you did it. You played into the big lie itself. So sure, bill Lindell for this, he absolutely deserves it. But don't act like you weren't hoping to find widespread Democratic voter fraud.