MAGA Supporters Think Trump Was The VICTIM Of A Coup

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Published on 16 Oct 2021, 18:00
One of the biggest reasons why it is so hard to get through to the MAGA crowd is because they are suffering from a very severe victim complex, where they legitimately believe that Donald Trump had the election stolen from him. In spite of all of the evidence showing that this never happened, they are holding onto these beliefs that defy reality. This has become the new rallying cry for the Republican Party, and anyone who doesn't accept this alternative reality has no place in today's GOP. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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I've been thinking a lot, obviously, about the Trump folks out there in MAGA land who still insist that the 2020 election was stolen. How many recounts have we had at this point? How many ballot audits in how many different states have we had that have all confirmed that Joe Biden won the 2020 election? I mean, more than we can count at this point. And as was recently reported, the CEO of cyber ninjas, Doug Logan, has said that because of the death threats he is now getting from these Trump supporters because his ballot audit proved Biden won by an even bigger margin that he's not doing ballot audits ever again, unless he says if God tells him to. But I think God's already sending him the message loud and clear. But nevertheless, these Trump supporters have bought into this lie so much that the election was stolen from him they have created a victim where one doesn't exist.

And the true irony here is that these are the people who attempted a coup. Yet, they're the ones who believe that Trump is the victim of a coup. Do you see how that works out? They did the coup and we of course now know that Donald Trump nine times tried to get the US department of justice to overturn the 2020 election. He was trying to do a coup. The evidence is out there. The conversations are out there. The documents are out there. The witness testimonies are out there. But in spite of all of that, they believe he is the victim. They've seen the evidence themselves and they're choosing to not believe it. So at this point, there's no reaching these people. You know, I know I've said plenty of times that it would take a skilled psychiatrist to deprogram these people. I don't even know that you could. I really don't know that you could. I think these people are absolutely unreachable. They went all in on the cult.

They absolutely are worshiping him as if he was a God. And there's nothing you can say to convince them otherwise. He is the victim in their minds. They're the loyal followers, the only ones who see the truth and it truly is disturbing that we have gotten to this point in American history. We can't bring these people back and the bigger problem of course, is that they're taking over the Republican party. They're trying to expel anyone that doesn't buy into the big lie. If you don't think the election was stolen from Donald Trump then you don't have a place in today's Republican party. If you don't think Trump is the greatest thing in the world, you don't have a place in today's Republican party. There's no saving this party. And honestly, there's no need to save this party. It's time to let it die. It's going to be slow. It's going to be painful. But the Republican party deserves to be demolished, destroyed from the inside out, by these disgusting MAGA cultists.